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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Introducing our New Responsiblity...

Over the last few months we have unfortunately lost a few of our cute little bunnies. One of old age and one from a heart condition. With small animals  such as these, death is a common topic and the kids learn something from it each time it happens. It's just a part of life. I don't want to bring this post to a sad end but want to show you the happy faces when we adopted  new bunnies. This time around we decided that it was time for "Sweet Pea" to have one too. I think the responsibility for her will be a wonderful thing. She will be 6 this year Aug. and with a little help I think she will be a good bunny keeper.

This is Bella. She is a lion head bunny and this is all the larger she will grow. Just the right size for little hands. Bella we have found likes to snuggle by your ear. She also likes to move all the bedding in her cage around so that she lays right on the plastic bottom. I suppose it is cooler for her.

Bella has been raised on a leash. She has a little collar and she is used to being on it.  We live near a major highway so this is a great way to keep her safe. She does hop around quite a bit which surprised us and tickled my little one .

Another photo of Bella and Sweet Pea .

Bella is such a fluffy bunny and so sweat and easy to handle.

This is Millie. She is a baby right now. She will grow quite a bit more as time goes. She is very easy to handle. She is a lion head as well . We wanted a bunny for Spirit that he could show at the 4-H fair and would be able to easily handle.

Our last little fur friend is Patches who is also a Lion head. Patches has a bit of an attitude. She scares a bit easier and we have to work with her more than the others. Although we do spend time with each of them every day to make sure we are able to handle them well.

Superboy is very good at handling her despite her fears. He is so calm with the rabbits and knows just what to do to settle them down. At the moment patches is having trouble figuring out how to drink from a water bottle and she hasn't been eating her food but not to worry we know what to do. Rabbits sometimes do this when they encounter a new environment and we just moved her to a new cage.

There is so much to learn about rabbit care or caring for any animal. It is a great responsibly for a child to take care of a living creature. This little fur friend relies on them for everything and becomes a good lesson for all ages.

Warm Blessings,



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