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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Activity Day

Sometimes you just need a day out !
Spring is starting to peek at us her in PA. We
have days of clarity and days of rain. Over all
though all of us our just itching to get out of
the house. I feel like we have been trapped in
here for years. Now that's not true of course
but we don't get out as much in the colder
winter months. We often choose staying in and
keeping warm. I'm ready the kids are ready but
our weather isn't quite there yet.

Last Friday we decided to get out. Our home
school group often has activity days. They
present an activity and then the kids can play
in the gym with one another. It is all by choice.
On this particular activity day the theme was
making paper and paper bowls.  Now this was
supposed to be a nice warm spring day but
folks it was not. It was cold out. The kids
were in coats with their hands in cold water.
I so worried they would all be sick. Kids are
versatile and so we did it anyway.   

The person who planned this must be a
saint because what a fun, lovely mess. Our only
job was to bring  bowls, towels and come ready
to create. The kids scooped the pulpy gooey mess
onto their bowls and worked it till it created a
shape. Sweet Pea of course said EWW mom
can you do it. I of course gave her a bit of
a hand but had her do the most part. After they
Got the core of it on their bowl and made
sure there were no holes we choose
some color to add to the bowl.

Our wonderful coordinator had various
colors of construction paper that the kids
could choose and add to their bowls. This
paper was cut up in strips and soaking in
a mixture of glue and water. More Ewws
from Sweet Pea. We dried them in front of
a heater for a few day. They came right off
the molds and we had these marvelous paper
bowls... Now the question what do you put in
a paper bowl?  At this moment they are just
for decoration in the kids rooms. I am sure
they will figure something out to go in it.

We also were able to make some paper.
Now this was even a colder experience because
it was right outside on a blanket. The bowl
activity was located in a little alcove of the church
but this one being a lot messier was outside.
There were dishpans of very wet pulp.
Sweet pea used a screen to scoop it out and
then took a sponge to soak out the excess
water. Her paper turned out different than
normal paper. It dried a bit hard but she was
excited more about the process.

After the kids played in the gym and ran
around. Spirit needed that run around time.
He is such a hyper kid anyway and this was
exactly what he needed. My thought is wow
I wish I had a gym in my house . We sure
could use it.

Hopefully over the next few days we will get
to see more of the nicer weather. Maybe
even a few peeks of those new buds coming
out , Along with a few sneezes. Perhaps even
may I dare say it ... a day at the park. I am
so ready and so are the kids. What are you
doing to keep active ?

Warm Blessings,



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