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Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekly Randomness

1. I am completely swimming right now in everything. It feels a bit overwhelming but I'm working on digging out little by little. I keep telling myself one thing at a time. It is all paper... lesson planning, grading, blogging, church planning and a house cleaning. Ok well its not all paper.

2. Lately I have been babysitting and I am loving these little ones. I go to their house which I like even more than being here because I can focus solely on them and not so much on my own messes.

3. Tomorrow is our Church Bazaar and I'll be working in the children's room. I have all the crafts prepared completely but one which will take me 5 minutes in the morning to finish up.

4. After the church bazaar we will be heading over to my grandsons house for a double birthday party. I know its going to be a fun long day.

5. My daughter picked her Bridesmaids dresses. I will share better photos soon. This is from her phone and as close as we could find but I think its a bit of a darker blue and more sheer compared to this one. Can't wait to see all of this together and yet there is so much yet to do.    

Warm Blessings,



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