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Saturday, November 1, 2014


Apples, Apples Who has the Apples ....

We DO!!!

I'm a little late in sharing our apple day. On Sept. 26, 2014 Sweet Pea and I celebrated Johnny Appleseed day with a few apple activities that I found all over the web and some came from my days as a preschool teacher.  Our first activity was apple printed. We did this first because I had the idea to cut out some of her prints and use them for math as manipulates. If you have older students this is a fun way to do math facts and stay with a particular theme.

I cut the apples so that there were slits on them. Apples can get slippery with paint. Cutting a slit like this makes is so much easier to hold.

This is her finished Apple art project...


After we watched a video of about Johnny from Disney on You tube. Then we made these apple hats.
Sweet pea just learned the letter A so she also wrote A's all over her hat and Tried to write her name.

While we had the paint out we also painted paper plates . When they dried I punched holes in the apple so that it could be laced. We also found A's and highlighted them from a worksheet from a Confession of a Homeschooler.

I found this fun roll an apple game on The First Grade Parade. Sweet Pea loves these type of games. We took turns rolling the apple cube and coloring apples. 

We painted more apples with dot painters... This apple outline worksheet was easy to find online. Apples are everywhere. I honestly used this one day when I needed to work one on one with the bigger kids.

Here is an example of our apple cut outs that we used for math. At that time we were only learning 1 and 3 . She can count higher than that but we are working on recognizing them. We are to five but we have been mixing up 3 and 5 so we took time to slow down and keep working on them.

I found some fun Apple Poems from Homeschool share and Apple parts worksheet . I believe they came from the same spot . I don't quite remember.


There really are thousands of Apple activities we could have done. We also read many books on the topic as well. My favorite is from Usborne books called Secrets of an Apple Tree. As you read you can shine a light and see more on the page. I love the idea.

Hope you enjoyed our Apple day.

Warm Blessings,



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