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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Virtual Refrigerator - Domes and Leaves...

This week in History the kids and I visited Florence. Ok, not in real life you got me. I sure wish I could visit Italy. I have always wanted to visit there. Maybe one day. The kids and I were taking a close look at Brunelleschi's Dome. We took a look at the different parts of the dome and how it was structured. We compared it to our State capital which was modeled from Ancient architecture. Those Romans sure were smart.  I had the kids try to make a model of a dome using shoe boxes and other recycled material.

This particular one is made by Spirit age 8. He added many details. Including an entrance.

This is Sweet Peas age 5 of course hers has eyes. You all know that Domes have eyes right? Hee hee...

Superboy also tried his hand and making a marshmallow dome. It looks easy to do but when you try to actually make one they aren't as easy as they look to put together. He did pretty well with it.

For the Month of October the Virtual Refrigerator will be taking a special look at leaves. If you have any leaf art please link up and share them with us...

The kids and I first took a leaf walk and collected some examples for inspiration.

I told the kids we would use our leaves as examples to draw some of our own. The kids had other ideas. They traced the leaves to their paper.

 Sweet Pea choosing her next leaf.

She found this cute little one.

After they drew them with pencil , then they traced them with sharpie.


We ended by painting them with water colors. My favorite paints for the kids to use because they are easy to clean up and nice to handle.

Spirits age 8

Sweet Pea age 5



Jennifer the Creator of the Virtual Refrigerator Blog Hop has created a pinterest board of our Art. So now you can go and see all of our past art projects. Yeah... Thank you Jennifer !

Check out some of the other Bloggers co-hosting this fun Hop each week.

Now It's your turn. If you have art to share you can blog about it and link up.

Warm Blessings,



  1. Love the domes and how they each added their individual touch. I like how they came up with their own ideas for the leaf art too. :-)


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