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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Letter A is for Alligator

We started... I get one last time with the ABC's. My kids are growing up so fast and this will be my last preschooler in the home.   However my job is working with preschoolers so I'm sure I will hit the ABC's again.  

Each week I have been putting up the new letter of the week on our pocket chart. We are not a slave to doing a new one each week. We did A for two weeks easing into it. I also do not do the letters in order. There is no real need for it. I found I have acquired all sorts of ABC cards. The plain red in the middle are tactile cards. I have my dear one go and look at the pictures. We name the letter, stress the sound it makes and use our finger over the tactile card to feel the letter. It feels a bit like sand paper. Then we write the letter on the dry erase board.

Next I pull out or ABC Song chart. This is a product from Scholastic's. The  ABC Flip Chart and Songs comes with a CD  and my girl just loves the songs. They are catchy tunes that are easy to learn sung to tunes you may already know.  We sing the song through and at the end of the song these is a little music left... We sing the Ah ah ah ah to that tune to end the song. Sweet Pea also likes to locate the A's in the song with a pointer. I first heard of this book at a preschool job from my past. I Loved how into the songs the kids became and so just had to have this for my girl.

Next we pulled out our preschool handwriting without tears material. I was lucky to find all of the handwriting goodies at our local used curriculum sale for $10. A huge steal and I got her preschool book for $2.50 in perfect condition. Those sales have really saved us this year. First I share with her the A mat that shows how to build the A with her wooden pieces. She likes to build it first on the example mat and then she would build it alone on her blue mat. I then model the letter for her on the Chalk board. We have acquired several of these so she has one of her own and I have one to demonstrate. I use the language form Handwriting without tears. She tries then to write it on her own. I usually get one or two out of her. Her favorite is the Magnet board. She loves the magnet shapes that come with it and can easily make the letter of her choosing.

She had to show off her perfect A...

I found a few A things online that I loved. I sort of pick and choose what I want to use. I hardly ever use an entire package that someone creates. This one below is from Confessions of a Homeschooler. We highlighted the A's from the reading. This is one of her favorite things to do.

1plus1plus1equals1  had this an alligator sheet I did not get a photo . It was perfect to go along with our Alice the Alligator song. The pages is an upper case A and the child cuts out alligators that fit into the A . Absolutely Alligators...

Recently I snagged some Large lowercase a Stamps. I also have Capital A stamps in a smaller size. So I gave her the stamps and she went crazy. I originally was thinking of having her stamp a lighter color ink and then allow her to trace over them but this was not traceable.

Although we wrote in the handwriting without tears book. We did practice writing A's often. This page came from a letter workbook I snagged again at our curriculum fair. I also had her dot pain an A from

These are additional pages I found. The bottom one came from teachers pay teachers. Highlight a Letter Identification  at the moment the price tag is free so you might want to snag it if your interested.

We also read the story A Lady with an Alligator Purse. My little girl enjoyed making a paper version. Our Alligator purse ended up being more fun as a chase my brother around the house making alligator sounds. She had a good time with it.


We also sang the song 5 Monkeys swinging in the tree teasing Mr. Alligator don't catch me. Along comes Mr. Alligator hungry as can be ... SNAP !! Four little Monkeys swinging on the tree... etc...

I found Monkey clip art and printed out 5. Then we made these alligator clothes pins so she could snap and move the monkeys from the table. I love her face in this one.

I hope you enjoyed looking at what we did with A is for Alligator. We also did a mini unit on apples which will be coming soon.

Warm Blessings,









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