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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fortuigence - Textual Analysis - Review

Writing... The written word can be so descriptive and concise. It can flow like music and create images of beauty and destruction in the readers mind. It is something that all of us should know how to do but don't always know how to go about doing it. Especially , exhibit A my 14 year old son.

Fortuigence  introduces us to writing classes helping us homeschool mom's teach one more tough topic. There are four writing classes offered at this time
Essay Rock Star Personal Statement Writing Course

Essay Rock Star Persuasive Essay Writing Course

Essay Rock Star Expository Essay Writing Course

And the one I was able to review...Essay Rock Star Textual Analysis Writing Course
You can receive one course of your choice for $57.
If you would like all four you would pay $197

This includes 7 lessons. It is a self paced course so if your child works in it 3 times a week they probably will complete it in 3 to 4 weeks, however they are able to go at their won pace.  The course is for children ages 12- 18. My son is 14 but really struggles with writing.

We started out by submitting a sample writing assignment to the instructor. Then we began the first lesson. Textual Analysis is a type of essay typically used in testing for college and some high school students. I have assigned a few to my son recently with his history to get practice writing them. In the past he was to vague and didn't hit many of the key points . Often in a testing situation more is better. We are still working toward a more concise goal. Each assignment is set up so that the child must complete one assignment before going on to the next. I found that my son was afraid to submit what he had done. We worked hard on what we did get to submit. He is very hesitant to share his writing with anyone.  I learned the hard way if you have a hesitant writer you will have to check in with them often.

He had to choose a piece of writing to analyze. It made it easy in that the instructor gave him only a few choices to pick from. Although I have to admit it took him awhile to choose. He choose to look at a painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware. It was great that there was an art option for those hesitant writers. With each assignment you can watch a video of the instructor. Then below it is written instructions. The instructions also on audio if you child does better with hearing rather than reading directions. There are also pdfs and various worksheets and examples available for download. The child then completes the work and submits it via an email system.

The hard part is then the child has to wait for feed back from the teacher. Hard for those nervous about writing.  If there isn't any feedback then the check mark on that assignment will turn red which indicates that the assignment is complete and you can move forward. To begin with he was given four questions to get him started. This really opened up his thoughts but took him awhile to get started. I admit we had to fight over it a bit to get going... He really just doesn't like to write but has a good start here...

This particular writing above was the brainstorming process. It is the first step in the writing process. Step 2 is organizing your thoughts with an outline. Recently we did an outline for a speech he will be doing this weekend. So we are practicing this skill. I have had to move very slow as he is extremely timid with writing but I have hope that this five step process will work for him. This course has given him some confidence. Step three is free writing. Students  write their rough draft. Step four is the revision process and step 5 editing.

Our thoughts:

I love the writing course. I think that it is helpful if you are unsure yourself as to how to get your child started.  I really like that the classes are not scheduled. You can go in anytime and work as you have time for them. The website is easy to maneuver and has a ton of information on it. You might want to go and look around just for that purpose. It is definitely a step toward making the writing process easier .

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