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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fix It! Grammar - Institute for Excellence in Writing - Review

It has been a week of Grammar here on Angels of Heart. When I first started Home educating I thought that the more practice we did the better we would get at something. Over time I have learned that philosophy is wrong. Shorter lessons and focused is the key. I want to tell you about a program that I feel will work within that philosophy.

Fix It! Grammar Review

Institute For Excellence in Writing 
is dedicated to teach children to communicate effectively. They will learn to write well and clearly express their thoughts. Through Excellence in Writing (or IEW) they will work through this process. Grammar skills are a part of that process. IEW introduces us to Fix it Grammar. I was able to review Book 1 for 3rd Grade and up.

Fix It Grammar : Nose Tree
(Teachers Manual Book 1) 

Fix It Grammar : Nose Tree
( Student Manual Book 1)
- $15.00

Fix It! Grammar Review

My son is in the 8th grade. He has dysgraphia as I have mentioned before on my blog. Writing for him can be very laborious. He is getting better at expressing himself but it takes work, a little at a time. Most of the time he knows what he should be doing .When he starts to write putting the thought to paper and remembering all the rules... well it tends to stump him. Really even as simple as punctuation and Capital letters. IEW's belief is one in which the rules don't always work effectively because the child is practicing on simple sentences. We think and try to write at a more complex level . With that thought our kids don't know how to then correct themselves. It is important when we are writing to be able to catch as many errors as we can. So we can communicate efficiently. This sounds like it would be a painstaking lesson . That it would be time consuming and would mean many tears but ,No.

IEW begins the process with 15 minute lessons. 15 Minutes!! My kids can do that. Especially this child who struggle so with writing.

Learn It
You will begin with the learn it section. Before you begin in the back of the book are cards that your child will use as a reference. It is suggested that you use a notebook, In particular if you are downloading the material instead of using the student manual. You are to divide the notebook into four sections. On for your student pages which we have in our book manual, One for our cards, one for write it, and one for Vocabulary.  I decided to add our cards to the back of our Student manual. We glued a paper bag to the back page and inserted the cards into that. I added a Velcro tab to keep the bag closed and the cards safe inside.

Now that you are ready you will read the Learn it section in your student manual. This section explains the fix it symbols and how to use them. There is a correlating card to go with this section . So as you teach the section you can lay out the cards as a reminder. You will reuse the cards that you use for this lesson and add to it the next lesson.

Fix it

Each week is set up in a four day plan. On day one the parent will model the fix. Once you start doing it you may not need to do as much modeling. After a few my son needed little help. We would fix the sentence in our workbook. Below is an example of week 7 fix. To the right is my sons work and I laid the teacher guide on the book to the left. So you can see how easy it is to teach it. It is all right there for the parent even if you struggle with Grammar yourself.  The teacher is given all of the answers and they way behind it. There are Teacher's notes in the margin as well that might be a bit advanced for your child but are there for the teacher.  Something for me. I love it !

After you fix it in the notebook you want to Write it .
You will rewrite the sentence correctly now on paper. My son added to his paragraph each day. Until it looked like the one below.

After writing it. You take a look at the word in bold type. This word is your vocabulary word for the day. I had my son underline them in his writing. You can keep a separate section for Vocabulary or you can do what my son did and write it at the bottom of the page. I'm not sure this method will continue to work for him as passages become more complex but for now it works. You child will take that bold typed word. Write it in their notebook and look up the word in the dictionary. You can use an online dictionary or you can look it up the old fashioned way. I had my son do a little of both. Good practice using the book and the computer.


My thoughts:

I think over time it will improve my sons writing. I don't expect it to happen over night. He has had to work really hard to get to the place he is now. I expect with this program his writing will become clearer. I like that the assignments are short so that the child learns a little each day. This is perfect for kids who really don't like to write. It breaks it into a manageable time frame for them. Really workable for that non-writer . We will be finishing the book because I really believe this is what my son needs right now. It was just the right curriculum at the right time.

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