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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Family ToolBox - Review

 has become my favorite go to Parenting Resource. Awhile ago I was able to take a look at the Christian Parenting Handbook, and learned a new way of parenting. Biblical parenting uses  a biblical approach and works toward a child's heart to teach them the character traits that you would like your child to acquire. No longer did I feel like I was talking to myself. I had found real answers to real family issues. It is exciting what this ministry is doing for families all around the world.

The National Center of Biblical Parenting is at it again this time with a video series and a workbook called Family Toolbox for Parents and children ages 10 years old and up.

Download version $79.95
Shipped Product (book & Dvds) $99.95 plus shipping
Church Program Download $159.95
Church program printed / dvd version $179.95 plus shipping

The Family Toolbox is a DVD/Video program that brings the parent and teen together. There are 8 lessons in the toolbox
Lesson 1 - It starts with the Heart
Lesson 2 - Following Instructions Well
Lesson 3 - Handling Pressure without losing your cool
Lesson 4 - Value of Correction
Lesson 5 - The importance of Responsibility
Lesson 6 - Accepting No as an answer
Lesson 7 - Dealing with your own Anger
Lesson 8 - Consider the Needs of Others

and Sixteen Success Principles over the eight lessons. The 16  principles addressed are...

Be Respectful Even When It's Hard.
Develop Internal Motivation
Develop Healthy Habits for Following Instructions.
Look for Ways to Contribute to Family Life
  Solve Problems Instead of Generating Conflict. Instead of Sarcasm Develop the Skills of a Peacemaker.
Learn to Value Correction.
Apologize Well.
Develop a Plan for Being Responsible.
Take Responsibility for Your Mistakes.
Train Yourself to Accept No as an Answer.
Avoid Arguing.
View Your Family as a Team and Look for Ways to Work Together.
Learn Self-Control to Manage Anger.
Practice Flexibility When Plans Change.
Learn to Handle Unfairness Well.

I was given the physical product and workbook as well as the download. When you open the menu on the physical CD you have a row of the lessons on the left for the parent and a row on the right for the child. The parents video is about a 10 minute teaching session on what you are about to view with your child and how you can apply it to your lives. The student videos share case scenario's that are about 1-2 minutes in length. You and your teen will watch the 1-2 minute videos together. Then you can fill in the discussion sheet. Once you have filled in the sheet you can have a nice talk about the principles discussed. There is a worksheet for parents and students to complete. This isn't just a one way street it is about both of you making changes for the better. Your child can talk about what they can do to change and you , the parent, can talk to them about what you would like to do to create better communication in your home. As the week goes you can point out when your child is using the trait you have talked about in the discussion. You do not want to move forward until you thoroughly feel that this trait is acquired.

How we used it:
I sat one day and watched all the parenting videos at one sitting. I felt like I wanted to get an overview first of the program. As I was watching them, my son began doing some chores near me. He quietly worked and then said to me... "Mom that's not going to work for me. " I chuckled at him a bit at that time. He was listening to the talk on motivation. This is one of his areas of weakness.

Later we met this time to watch the short 1 minute videos. I asked him to keep an open mind. I told him the videos were to help us look for behaviors or attitudes in our hearts that maybe we should think about changing. I decided after the video to just move to our areas and fill in our discussion forms alone. After we had some time think about it. We met again and rewatched the video a second time. This time with our discussion questions in hand.  Doing it In this way we were able to relate things to our current situations. It was interesting to give him a little space with the video because he began to really think about it and compare it to what we were doing. (My son by the way is 14) My oldest daughter who is 17 this year did not want to participate with the workbook and video which tells me she needs it the most. However while we were having our talk she came around and joined in on the conversation. It was great to see them interact in this none evasive way.  We ended our time by reading the bible verse and saying prayers together.

Incidentally my skeptical son got the most out of it.

What I liked:

I thought I was getting this product to review for my teen but I soon learned I needed it too. There is always room for growth. I loved the 3 column plan, with it I was able to evaluate the real heart issues and not focus on the behavior. I love that this uses the bible and gives us a biblical approach to parenting. The Toolbox works to the Heart using Character Training. I learned it is not about the reaction but about giving my kids skills that they can use throughout their lives. As always the National Center of Biblical Parenting is an A+ on my list.

Tonight at 8 pm ET/5pm PT there is a Facebook party at the National Center for Biblical Parenting. Stop by you might win some great prizes...Facebook Party

Warm Blessings,



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