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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jim Hodges Productions- Review

Do you like to do read-a-louds in your home.  The kids like when I do them but I sometimes struggle with finding books to read. We try to read at least 4 per year if not more, of course they read on their own beyond the read-a-louds as well.  Audio books provides a nice change up for those story times.  My voice gets a break and they get something new and exciting. They are really wonderful too when mom isn't feeling well. A teacher sick day activity.

Jim Hodges Productions Review

Jim Hodges Audio Books  might fill what you are looking for in an audio. They make a wonderful addition to your history curriculum as well. Keep in mind that these aren't action style audios with music and the flash and bang. The words are the story. Honestly some of my kids have trouble with the flash and bang so I appreciate basic reading. Our world is so full of the flashing lights and bells and whistles that kids have trouble some times associating with it. It's about time they slow down and learn to appreciate it the reading of the written word.

Anyway the book an Audio MP3 That I was able to review is called...
With Lee in Virginia  Voice by Jim Hodges who specializes in unabridged recordings of Henty titles - $25. for the physical Cd and $15 for the download.  This is an 11 hour and 20 minute CD.  I find I enjoy putting Cd like this one in my laptop. I have better control of where I start and end. I was able to play it in a regular Cd player.

Best for children 10 years or older.

Jim Hodges Productions Review

With Lee in Virginia tells the tale of the American Civil war. Now My kids are not studying the Civil war right now but we always enjoy our History and soon will be to this time period. I hope to pull it back out when we get there as a reminder.

The story begins with Vincent Wingfield a teenager from Virginia whose mother has recently been widowed. Vincent must make adult decisions on the plantation when problems arise. We follow the main character through several famous Civil War battles of the 1960's, as well as his capture and escape.  Along the way we learn a bit about Robert E. Lee and other soldiers of the time period.

Being from the North I have always looked at the stories of the Civil war from the Northern perspective. This audio walked us through a different perspective of a Southerner.

The chapter titles are as follows...

Chapter 1 A Virginia Plantation (36:01)
Chapter 2 Buying a Slave (35:59)
Chapter 3 Aiding a Runaway (34:57)
Chapter 4 Safely Back (25:49)
Chapter 5 Secession (30:12)
Chapter 6 Bull Run (41:53)
Chapter 7 The "Merrimac" and the "Monitor" (33:01)
Chapter 8 McClellan's Advance (32:13)
Chapter 9 A Prisoner (32:54)
Chapter 10 The Escape (34:24)
Chapter 11 Fugitives (32:30)
Chapter 12 The Bush-Whackers (31:54)
Chapter 13 Laid Up (31:40)
Chapter 14 Across the Border (33:07)
Chapter 15 Fredericksburg (30:51)
Chapter 16 The Search for Dinah (36:41)
Chapter 17 Chancellorsville (43:12)
Chapter 18 A Perilous Undertaking (33:15)
Chapter 19 Free (35:21)
Chapter 20 The End of the Struggle (34:32)

Along with the audio we received the 52 page Study Guide. Each chapter in the study guide shares vocabulary words, provides questions and activities pertaining to the audio. After the 5th chapter there is a short quiz. The activity sections have many clickable links that go along with your listening.  There are videos, timeline activities, cooking, map work, poetry, artwork, puzzles as well as question and answer sections.  What I liked most is the vocabulary section. The words are not in ABC order but come in the order they appear in the story. There is so much you could do with this and I can't wait to explore it even more when we being our American History lessons next year.

My thoughts:

We live near the Gettysburg Battlefields. I grew up on learning the history of America and this great fight to free ourselves from each other. The Civil war is exciting to young teenagers because it tells the tale a place right here where we stand. History is so much more interesting when you realize that many years ago it happened right here on this ground.

As I mentioned above the perspective change in the story was refreshing. It was interesting to hear from the other side. I always enjoy Henty books anyway.  I played this for my 14 year old and my 8 year old. The 8 year old being a bit young but he seemed to be able to follow along.  I did play it on my computer only because it was difficult to start and stop. I could easily mark the time using my laptop.

My 8 year old doodled while he listened and my 14 year old followed the vocabulary and later did some of the guided questions.  I printed out the vocabulary because it was easier for him to follow. There was some tough terminology there so we would often stop and start and go back and forth. I later went over the vocabulary first to help with the stop and start. We would listen to one section at a sitting usually 2 times per week doing activities on alternating day.  I am not sure how much my 8 year old got from it. I thought it was well over his head but he hung out with us anyway.

Now that I was able to listen to it in its entirety I feel like I could use parts of it more for a Unit Study. I took notes as I went and notated time stops for places I wanted to come back and revisit and expound upon later.

I definitely would like to visit more of the audios the Jim Hodges has to offer. The Study guides are a welcome addition.

If you would like to read more about the Audio books click the graphic below.

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Warm Blessings,

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Clued in Kids - Review

I love planning fun things for the kids to do in our homeschool but lets face it there isn't always time with housework ,errands and planning academics. Sometimes the fun gets put to the side.

Clued In KidsReview

Clued in Kids provides that fun with interactive treasure hunts that will keep your kids moving and thinking. My kids were able to try...Princess Treasure Hunt Clue Book - $8.99
(Physical Product) For kids ages 4 and Up.

5 Multiplication Dragon Treasure Hunts (2X- 6X tables) - $19.99 (Download and Print) For kids 7-9

The Princess Treasure Hunt came in a small package with tear out  pages. It reminded me of a notebook that you tear off. Each page tells you where to hide the card and only took a few minutes to prepare. I did get confused at first and then realized I was complicating it. It only took about 8 minutes in my case a bit more because I had them mixed up for a second there. Let me tell you what I did so you know not to do the same thing. The back page shows you the answer and where the item should be hidden. I was back a card and didn't realize the card told me where to hide it . Yep I had a moment. The card you are hiding at the bottom says leader and tells you exactly where it should go. It is that simple and yet I somehow messed the first on up. Heh heh. At least I figure it out before they went on their hunt.

Clued In KidsReview

My 8 year old graciously agreed to help his sister with her Princess hunt. I looked at the cards and thought some of the puzzles might be to hard for her to do alone. So they worked as a willing team.

He read the card to her and they worked on the puzzle to figure out where the next card might be hiding. They either had to find a hidden card or they had to complete a task to receive a card from me.
Here Spirit is bowing to me as a regal prince for his next clue.


The puzzles were easy to complete and the kids went all over the house looking for their next clue such as under their bed , at a window, outside at the doorbell and in our refrigerator.

At one point they were walking around with books on their heads trying to balance and walk.


After that activity they were given this next card. Sweet Pea was able to find the next gem in the pattern but wasn't sure of writing letters just yet so Spirit wrote the letters for her to find they had to go find Sweet Pea's PJ's.


The kids ended with a treat in the dryer. I decided on Princess pretzel wands ,which are pretzels dipped in icing and color sprinkles added to them. Everything we need to make them were in a bag with a bow in the dryer. They were so excited and eager to receive their reward. I can see doing these and a reward not just for completing the treasure hunt but maybe for completing a particularly hard task.


We were also able to review the Multiplication Dragon  Hunt. Spirit is at just he right age learning his multiplication facts right now. I decided to use the treasure hunt as an incentive. There are 5 hunts and they come to you as a download. You simple print out he pages and hide them just like we did the Princess hunt.  I had Spirit Practice and memorize his facts. We started out with the 2's and moved up the line. Each time he learned them well we would then do the treasure hunt as a review and a little reward at the end.  Here is an example of one of the cards so you can get an idea of what they are like.


Your child solves the clue and then know where to find the next clue and so on. In this case there are 2 groups of four dragons. So his answer would be Mailbox. That tells him his next clue is at the mailbox. We taped it to the back of the mailbox.

This was such a great product I wish I had thought of it. My son was learning his facts as fast as he could just to have the treasure hunt!!

My Thoughts:

These treasure hunts are so simple and yet they are such a great idea. I didn't have to do any of the planning other than hiding the cards. The kids were able to take a break and have fun learning. It was just a win ,win all around.

There are many other treasure hunts available. You might want to stop by and read about some of the packages available for Christmas they make great stocking stuffers.  You might also want to sign up for Clued in Kids Newsletter. When you do you will receive a FREE Treasure Hunt!!!  Give it a try you might be hooked too.

If you would like to read more reviews on Clued in kids and see all the fun treasure hunts stop by the crew blog by clicking the link below.

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Warm Blessings,


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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Forbidden Book- New Liberty Videos- Review

Recently I joined a Christian journaling community. This community has had me looking at scripture in a new way and has given me a new appreciation for my Bible. In this group several ladies brought up the activity of writing one complete bible in your own handwriting. The thought of that kind of intrigued me. Although it would take quite a long time I can't think of a better endeavor, savoring every written Word of our Lord and Savior. This desire to hover over His word made me more intrigued with the History of the Bible...

New Liberty Videos Review

The Forbidden Book - The History of the English Bible

DVD a $19.95 Value was gifted to me by the Schoolhouse Review Team and New Liberty Videos.

This video is listed for a general viewing audience. However there are some images and topics that are more for the teen crowd.  If you are interested in showing the video to younger children you might want to view it first and mark the time where you  might like to skip a section as some pictures show diagrams of violence. Most of the topics would be over the elementary levels. Use your discretion.  

New Liberty Videos Review

Both of my sons have been studying the bible and they have just moved on from the middle ages to the Renaissance time period. As a review we have been discussing how the Bible was written by hand by monks and other clergy to pass down God's word. My older son is 14 and I felt comfortable sharing this video with him . My younger son is 8 and I felt it was a bit more than he could handle. I myself was very interested in viewing it and learned a lot too.

The video is about an hour in length. There are two versions on the DVD. The first is the regular 58 minute video and the second has the words to the video printed at the bottom of the screen along with the 58 minute video.  I wish I had known when I started it because I was taking notes off of the DVD. I could have paused it and known I was spelling things correctly handling it in this way. If you have your teens take notes for their portfolios I would suggest the version with the words at the bottom and the pause button.

Interesting Facts

In the 1300's the cost of a Bible was a priests one year wage.

The Bible is quoted 5,000 times by Shakespeare.

In 1663 the first Bible was Printed in America.

Robert Stevens separated the bible into verses

The bible has been a best Seller for 350 Years.

We begin or video learning that Moses is the first man to begin documenting God's word and from that time period till now there is not a single error in translation. Generation after generation God's word has been cared for and passed on. Many men died for it. I found it interesting that Christ died for our sins and yet such huge mistakes continued to go on directly after.  Christ had Freed the people yet we entered the Dark Ages. His words they were trying to cover but God's light shined through. I thought to myself as I watched... What would be their motive? Why would these men of leadership want to keep His word from getting out? Our they afraid of goodness? Are they worried the people will be full of love and gentle in spirit? Nope ... They were focused on themselves. They feared they would lose their power. They feared their own sin. They were hiding it by hiding Him.

But his word could not be hidden. There were men that knew better and would fight the good fight, Many losing their lives. At this time there for 500 translations of the Bible but only the Latin version was allowed by the church. When I say THEY... I am referring to people who were running the church, who were supposed to be all for God. They were making a mockery of Christianity. Charging men money to have their sins absolved. Did they not learn anything from the death of Jesus.  $1.75 to kill a man, $3.00 to commit robbery and so on.  I have to add a fear here. They were afraid of losing their money too.

Lets take a short look at the 3 men who fought to have God's word written correctly.

John Wycliffe- A 14th century scholar translated the bible from Latin to English. He took out all the magic the church was doing and took the Bible for its words.

Martin Luther- In the 16th century he opposed the indulgences, the payment for sins. He began revealing the true nature of the scriptures. Luther feared God and wanted to do what is right.

William Tyndale- Translated the bible to English and went about distributing 500 of those bibles. He was hung and burned. Tyndale felt he was chosen by God to fight the good fight.

There are many more stories included in the DVD...
The church perpetuated fear instead of doing what it is meant to do which is support God's word and the people that seek Him out.

I am in awe over these men who hid Bibles, wrote them by candle light and gave their lives.

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed this DVD and hope to purchase more. I learned also about the Apocrypha ,which are 15 books of the bible that have been removed from our bible, for the last 100 years. Before that they were a part of the Bible. In fact King James insisted they be in the King James bible and even wrote a law making sure it was put in.  I wanted to learn more about this because I never knew about these books. So I looked it up online and have been reading the missing books to decide for myself. Very good stuff !!  There is so much more that that I didn't put in my review. I took 6 pages of notes and had to narrow it down for my review. My 14 year old was not as enthusiastic as I was but he now has this knowledge and the seed is planted. The Bible came a long way. God's word cannot be hidden. You can try but He will come on top.

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Warm Blessings,


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Friday, October 24, 2014

Random 5 Friday's Pumpkin Carving a new Family Tradition

1. On Friday we planned a fun night with all the kids and grandchildren . We served them hot dogs, bar-b-que and popcorn balls. Then the carving began... And the laughs I might add. It has been suggested that this should become a new family tradition.

2. On Tuesday night the boys will be dressing their rabbits up for 4H rabbit club. I can't wait to see how their costumes for their rabbits turn out.

3. The other day we went on a leaf walk. The leaves are starting to become dry but they were able to locate some of color. We laminated them and put them in our nature journal notebooks. I can't wait to share it with you.

4. Is it just me or does it feel like time is just flying by. Some days I feel like I am in an episode of groundhog day. The routine is nice and yet it gets monotonous too. Looking for something to change things up a bit.

5. Recently on facebook I found a group called RAKing which is Random acts of kindness. You the sending gather paper items, pens, stickers, washi tape etc.. and send it to one of the people randomly on the list. Others in return send to you. So fun getting fun mail. Excited about doing some in November.

Have a Happy Halloween week!!



Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Standard Deviants Accelerate- Review

Standard Deviants Accelerate Review

Making learning fun when your children are in the elementary grades can be a lot easier then when they begin to hit the upper grades. It can be difficult to find something that will engage teens. They are at that age where they either like it or they don't. Standard Deviants Accelerate  provides a curriculum supplement for Middle and High school courses. There are classes for Grades 3rd-12th grades but the bulk are for upper levels. The core basis of  Standard Deviants Accelerate are high energy videos that teach every thing you need to know for that subject along with additional online tasks.

For my review I was given a full annual subscription to all the Standard Deviants Accelerate Homeschool Courses You can purchase the course for the use of one student for $99. for a year or $24.95 per month.
AP Courses are available for one student for $14.95 per month. This page reflects the homeschool Pricing.  Below is a list of the courses...

Arithmetic - Grades 3+
Fundamental Math - Grades 4+
Earth Science - Grades 6+
Nutrition - Grades 6+
Algebra - Grades 7+
Biology - Grades 7+
Chemistry - Grades 9+
English Comp. - Grades 9+
U.S. History - Grades 9+
AP Biolody - Grades 11+
AP Chemistry - Grades 11+
AP U.S. Government & Politics - Grades 11+
AP U.S. History - Grades 11+
AP Eng. Composition - Grades 11+

When you get your log in you will be able to load the courses that you have purchased. I loaded all of them to mine and so my child's page looks like the one below. Very colorful and easy to read icons appear for an easy location of courses.  

I took a look around through all the courses and played around a little before we worked in any of them. I managed it in two different ways. One way was to take a look at the guide for that particular course and build a curriculum around the videos and online activities. The other way was to look at the curriculum I was using and match like subjects to the topics and work on those particular links. The courses are generally set up in a similar fashion. So I will walk you through one in particular. 
One of the courses I decided to work through was the Nutrition course. I did this one with my 8th grader, Although it is suggested for a 6th grader.  It was easily modified for his level. We have all been working hard on eating healthier and exercising . So I thought this would be a perfect way to explore this topic. This is one course that I built a curriculum out of what was present in the online session. Below is a list of all the topics that are touched upon in the Nutrition course. You do not need to click them in order if you don't want to . You can click any of the links, enter and complete them. We worked through them in order and I added some worksheets and other activities along with what was present.

Once you click on the link ...below is what you will see. The video on the right is your first stop.  They are energetic and wonderfully made. To the left you will find the transcript of the video and can follow along. At the bottom of the screen your child can take notes and then print them out for a Nutrition Binder. I loved the notes idea.

The next tab in the lesson is a vocabulary tab. You can click and hear the word and read the meaning of the vocab. word.

The next tab is one called "Diagram". In this section students will drag and drop answers on the screen. This screen varies and are not all identical to the one below. It is a simple way to reinforce what they learned in the video and with their vocabulary.

The Quiz section is just what it says. A quiz to evaluate what you got from the video and vocabulary. It is automatically graded by your computer. You can come back later as the parent and check on their scores.

The last section is the "written answer" section. You are giving a rubric for grading the answers that your child writes to help you with grading.

My 8th grader also used it with his Algebra 1. It was a nice additive to his existing curriculum and really helped us solidify the topics that were presented in his books.  I would just match the topics and have him click those specific links and work through the screens. Then we would work together on other problems on an as needed basis.

From the very beginning my son enjoyed the humor of the videos. He is an auditory learner so the videos provided him with that need. My son also does not like long drawn out subjects so he appreciated that most of them were no more than 15 minutes in length. I was not focused on the grading aspect but we did try a few. Mostly we used the videos, vocab section and the Diagram section.

I did also used it with my 3rd grader . He used the Arithmetic section. I found it a bit harder to match with our curriculum. It was missing some of the algebraic concepts we were learning in his math book. It also showed us how to complete larger multiplication facts and in our book we are just beginning to learn our facts. So There were only a few links that we were able to use and match up. I'm thinking that our 4th grade math book will match better to the 3rd grade videos.
My thoughts
I enjoyed the change in scenery for my child. Meaning that the videos provided us with a change to our regular schedule. I was able to match up nicely to my sons Algebra course to the video course but struggled to do so with my 3rd graders math curriculum. Standard Deviants Accelerate is a secular program. The Sciences will teach evolution. However you do have the ability to skip them.

If you would like to read more about this video course click the graphic below to learn more.

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Warm Blessings,

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Random 5 Things about Me on Friday

I'm ready to share my 5 Random things about me for this week. It has been a rather relaxing week which is pretty unusual for our family. I'll take it.

1. We live in PA and are experiencing Autumn right now. I love this time of year... Apples, colored leaves, and cooler weather.

2. I'm working on a painting project right now. It's my daughters sign in registry for her wedding. We are making a piece of art for them to sign so she can hang it in her house. I'm pretty excited about it and will share it when its completed.

3. My little one fell on our porch steps and really scraped her leg. She is always doing that because she doesn't pay attention to them. She thinks she can just run down them.  They aren't easy steps though so I completely understand her falling. They are sort of a make shift mixture.

4. I love Rainy days! I have come to the conclusion there is really only one season I'm not a big fan of and that is winter. I like the snow as long as I don't have to go out in it. Me and being cold should be in the same sentence.

5. I have been wanting to make a leaf art journal for some time. I have the perfect little book that I got years ago as a secret sister. I hope this year I can get to do the project. Hoping to get out this weekend to take the kids on a leaf walk. It would give them the project they need for their 4H wildlife project and it would give me my inspiration for my journal notebook.

Warm Blessings,

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Apologia - iWitness Book (Review)

Apologia Review

Recently my 14 year old son and I started working on a study to see if we could find out if the bible is Truth. (Of course I know that answer)  I recommend doing this with all of your teens. They are always questioning at this age. If your child is questioning then approaching it as a detective trying to find the answers works really well. At least it has for us. Just at the right time Apologia Educational Ministries came out with this new series of books called iWitness. There are three in the series and they are written by Doug Powell.  I was so lucky to be able to review all three...

New Testament iWitness- $14.00

iWitness Biblical Archaeology - $14.00

Old Testament iWitness - $14.00

The books are written for children ages 11 and up. I am sure a more advanced 10 year old reader would be fine with the reading as well.
Apologia Review

iWitness Biblical Archaeology was prefect for the study my son and I were doing. Our Bibles are not history books as stated on the back of the cover but they do claim to record real history. As detectives we were searching for real evidence. This book gave my son tangible evidence that these times and dates did exist. What was most fascinating was that we were able to find the real facts in these books. Many times certain websites make claims of untruth . It can be hard to find the real story behind bible teachings. I have heard numerous times that Noah's ark has been found. I always wondered who if anyone had claim to the truth. It was interesting to read the details of what was thought and documented. As we read through this book I was wishing that I could actually hold or see these things for myself. Such amazing finds like old letters, amulets, the dead sea scrolls and many others. I had also found  Jesus Shroud to be the most interesting. I had watched a documentary on it years ago but again found it interesting to share it with my son.

Apologia Review

The Old Testament iWitness is another book in the series. It again looks at and tries to define for students that the Bible is real. You will learn how it differs from the Hebrew bible and who wrote these amazing books. You will learn how the books were collected and so much more. I really like how this book was set up. We did a study last year on the Old testament books. I enjoyed how the book was laid out to explain everything to the student from the scrolls to the books of wisdom. We learned about Covenants and about the prophets. God is just so awesome that He orchestrates such a big project and has it put together into such a meaningful book.

What was really neat was when we came upon the pages about manuscripts and book writing. Although the book is said to be for 10 year olds and up. My 8 year old found these pages interesting since it was just what he was learning in his history class. It just solidified for him what he had learned.

Apologia Review

The new testament iWitness is written again to show proof of God's word. What makes Christianity different from all other religions? How was our Bible handed down? What books were included and who decided? All these questions and more are answered in this book. This book had a lot more for my 8 year old on the copied book and how it was done. So we had another resource that matched his history book.

My Thoughts:
I enjoyed reading through the iWitness books with my son. They have become a nice edition to our growing library.  I was surprised when I got them the old look of the cover for some reason had me thinking they were hard bound but they are actually paper backs. The illustrations in the book are good and seem a perfect fit for a middle schooler.

If you would like to read more reviews on the iWitness books click the graphic below
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Warm Blessings,

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Family ToolBox - Review

 has become my favorite go to Parenting Resource. Awhile ago I was able to take a look at the Christian Parenting Handbook, and learned a new way of parenting. Biblical parenting uses  a biblical approach and works toward a child's heart to teach them the character traits that you would like your child to acquire. No longer did I feel like I was talking to myself. I had found real answers to real family issues. It is exciting what this ministry is doing for families all around the world.

The National Center of Biblical Parenting is at it again this time with a video series and a workbook called Family Toolbox for Parents and children ages 10 years old and up.

Download version $79.95
Shipped Product (book & Dvds) $99.95 plus shipping
Church Program Download $159.95
Church program printed / dvd version $179.95 plus shipping

The Family Toolbox is a DVD/Video program that brings the parent and teen together. There are 8 lessons in the toolbox
Lesson 1 - It starts with the Heart
Lesson 2 - Following Instructions Well
Lesson 3 - Handling Pressure without losing your cool
Lesson 4 - Value of Correction
Lesson 5 - The importance of Responsibility
Lesson 6 - Accepting No as an answer
Lesson 7 - Dealing with your own Anger
Lesson 8 - Consider the Needs of Others

and Sixteen Success Principles over the eight lessons. The 16  principles addressed are...

Be Respectful Even When It's Hard.
Develop Internal Motivation
Develop Healthy Habits for Following Instructions.
Look for Ways to Contribute to Family Life
  Solve Problems Instead of Generating Conflict. Instead of Sarcasm Develop the Skills of a Peacemaker.
Learn to Value Correction.
Apologize Well.
Develop a Plan for Being Responsible.
Take Responsibility for Your Mistakes.
Train Yourself to Accept No as an Answer.
Avoid Arguing.
View Your Family as a Team and Look for Ways to Work Together.
Learn Self-Control to Manage Anger.
Practice Flexibility When Plans Change.
Learn to Handle Unfairness Well.

I was given the physical product and workbook as well as the download. When you open the menu on the physical CD you have a row of the lessons on the left for the parent and a row on the right for the child. The parents video is about a 10 minute teaching session on what you are about to view with your child and how you can apply it to your lives. The student videos share case scenario's that are about 1-2 minutes in length. You and your teen will watch the 1-2 minute videos together. Then you can fill in the discussion sheet. Once you have filled in the sheet you can have a nice talk about the principles discussed. There is a worksheet for parents and students to complete. This isn't just a one way street it is about both of you making changes for the better. Your child can talk about what they can do to change and you , the parent, can talk to them about what you would like to do to create better communication in your home. As the week goes you can point out when your child is using the trait you have talked about in the discussion. You do not want to move forward until you thoroughly feel that this trait is acquired.

How we used it:
I sat one day and watched all the parenting videos at one sitting. I felt like I wanted to get an overview first of the program. As I was watching them, my son began doing some chores near me. He quietly worked and then said to me... "Mom that's not going to work for me. " I chuckled at him a bit at that time. He was listening to the talk on motivation. This is one of his areas of weakness.

Later we met this time to watch the short 1 minute videos. I asked him to keep an open mind. I told him the videos were to help us look for behaviors or attitudes in our hearts that maybe we should think about changing. I decided after the video to just move to our areas and fill in our discussion forms alone. After we had some time think about it. We met again and rewatched the video a second time. This time with our discussion questions in hand.  Doing it In this way we were able to relate things to our current situations. It was interesting to give him a little space with the video because he began to really think about it and compare it to what we were doing. (My son by the way is 14) My oldest daughter who is 17 this year did not want to participate with the workbook and video which tells me she needs it the most. However while we were having our talk she came around and joined in on the conversation. It was great to see them interact in this none evasive way.  We ended our time by reading the bible verse and saying prayers together.

Incidentally my skeptical son got the most out of it.

What I liked:

I thought I was getting this product to review for my teen but I soon learned I needed it too. There is always room for growth. I loved the 3 column plan, with it I was able to evaluate the real heart issues and not focus on the behavior. I love that this uses the bible and gives us a biblical approach to parenting. The Toolbox works to the Heart using Character Training. I learned it is not about the reaction but about giving my kids skills that they can use throughout their lives. As always the National Center of Biblical Parenting is an A+ on my list.

Tonight at 8 pm ET/5pm PT there is a Facebook party at the National Center for Biblical Parenting. Stop by you might win some great prizes...Facebook Party

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