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Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Case for the Creator Student Edition By Lee Strobel- Book Review

Book Description

Based on the bestseller The Case for a Creator, Lee Strobel, along with Jane Vogel, gives students the evidence they need to point to a Creator.
When Lee Strobel was a high school freshman, science convinced him that God didn't exist. Since then, however, incredible scientific discoveries have not only helped restore Lee's faith, but have strengthened it.
In this student edition of the bestselling The Case for a Creator, Strobel encourages teens to challenge the "facts" that say there is no God and to weigh the evidence for themselves. Readers will be astonished by what some of today's most respected experts have to say about the birth of the universe, Darwinism, DNA research, and the astounding fine-tuning of the cosmos. Ultimately, they must consider the question: Could it be that the universe looks designed … because it is?

This is the second book I have read in the series. I have always been intrigued by creation science. Interestingly enough when Lee Strobel was in high school Science convinced him that God does not exist. Since then Scientific discoveries have been made that helped restore his faith in God. What I like most about Lee's books is that they come from the prospective of a nonbeliever to a believer. I think that teens who are really questioning at this age can relate to his story. I have heard many parents have discussions about how their kid's aren't sure they believe in God. This is a way that a parent or Sunday school instructor can introduce God to teens in a nonthreatening way.

The book goes into Science vs. God and gives real evidence to support that God created our universe and world. You will learn about the evidence of Cosmology, Evidence of Physics and Astronomy , and evidence of DNA. There are little grey boxes on the pages that give information to support the facts with the text. As you flip through they draw your attention to the pages. The book is 95 pages in length and is great for Jr. high students who might not like to read  much.. (HHumm my son.)

I love Lee's books and plan to purchase more in the series. They  make great studies for those homeschool parents who are looking for just the right bible curriculum.

You can purchase the book on Amazon for $8.99

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