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Friday, September 26, 2014

Random 5 on Friday - Fall Fun

It's been awhile since I have done 5 Random things. So glad to be back it is one of my favorite blog roundups.

1. Last weekend we went to Maize Quest Fun Park .
The kids had a great time. We went through the corn maze and it only took us an hour to get out. Ha ha only. The maze is marked off with colored tape into four sections. You have to make it through each section to get out. You are given a map too and you have to look for word clues and rubbings along the way. With our little ones we just worked on going in and coming out. Then there are other mazes you can go through. It was so much fun. If it hadn't been so hot we probably would have hung out longer. We had  free tickets  from the summer reading club and they needed used before they expired.  Otherwise we probably would have waited for a nice cool fall day.

Sweet Pea in the play yard.

Horse bouncers soo cute.

2. Last weekend I was so disorganized with the house with lesson plans just my whole life. Ha ha. This week I am so together. It is either all in for me our all out.

Spirit on the horse bouncers

Color puzzle harder than it looks. You have to start on red . Then step on red, blue , yellow alternating the three as you go. You have to get to the other red disk on the other side.

3. I suddenly love Cherry Pepsi. It's my new favorite but still love my Raspberry Iced tea.

Spirit by the tractor. This is sitting in the middle of a farm game. Played like candy land but you are the pieces.

Sweet Pea in the farm Game too.

4. Spirit and I are studying the weather in Science. We have made some fun science weather instruments. You will see them soon.

Sweet Pea Rock maze

Spirit on the bike Go carts... Dad back there in the background.

5. I have apples in my kitchen and recently found apple dishes at a yard sale. Just in time for fall. Love them.

Tractor Ride on the cows.

Kids in the corn. Sweet pea wanted to bring some home. Spirit did in his shirt. He found it later.

Warm Blessings,



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