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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rabbit Club - 4H

This year our boys joined our local 4H club. It has been a learning curve to figure out all we need for requirements for the club and for the growth of the children. 4H stands for the four H's Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. These are the four values members work on through fun engaging programs.

Head - Managing, Thinking
Heart - Relating, Caring
Hands - Giving, Work 
Health - Being, Living

Both of my boys started out the year in Rabbit club and then later added a Tech club. Rabbit club seems to be the favorite of the two but boy did we have a lot to learn. This particular day we were to show their rabbits. In October their Rabbit books will be due. I will share them later. The boys were instructed to dress up somewhat and wear their white lab coats for the rabbit show. 

    Spirit Age 8

    Superboy age 14. I was told he look at bit like a mad Scientist. I think its that evil grin he has going.

    Spirit has a Red Satin Rabbit. His fir is really soft and has the feel of satin in a way. This is a picture below of my dad , Spirit and Sweet Pea. My dad often runs the boys to rabbit club. He loves animals and 4H was his idea. Something he could do with the boys.

    Now Spirits Rabbit Grew much bigger than we expected and he does have trouble carrying it from place to place but once its there he does ok with him. The boys have to learn all about a rabbit and what judges are looking for as far as quality of breed. The boys have a  routine they do with the rabbits. They will sit them on the table step back and roll them over etc... Feeling and looking for various things. They learn so much about their breeds and the care of the Rabbit.

    The picture below shows them laying the rabbits on their back and rubbing their bellies to calm them. This isn't an easy task if you don't have a very tame rabbit. It takes practice and you have to handle them often.

    Spirit here was covering the rabbits eyes. If they get a little jittery this is a way to calm them down.

    This can be the hard part... Position your rabbit and let go . They rabbit should hold the position. Yeah as you guessed not always.

    My older sons rabbit is a mixed Breed but he found her and loved her so she stayed. He doesn't want another right now. We showed this rabbit in the pet category.

    Spirit won 1st place for Best in Breed and he won a 1st in showmanship. He is a clover bud so his ribbon is green and the breed ribbon is red.

    Superboy won First in Best in the Pet Category and Showmanship in Pet Category as well for his age level. Sweet pea kept singing the blue Ribbon Bunny song from  Sophia the first.

    My dad the helper. Here you can see how large Spirits bunny got. It really became a problem for him to show and soo.. We added a new member.

    Introducing our newest fluff ball. This rabbit is a  seal pointed lion head. It won't get to much bigger. Right now he is a ball of fur but he will lose much of his hair and will only have a fluffy bit around his neck.  

    Our new bunny is very gentle. The boys handle him all the time and will be just the right size for our next rabbit show.

    Warm blessings,



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