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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Learning Shapes

Review, Review , Review... More review for my preschooler, but this time with learning shapes , this one was needed. My little one remembered the names of some of the shapes and some of them she didn't. We also used Shapes as a start to our writing practices and cutting. I found this great book at our curriculum fair. It has an old cover and it's called Math Seatwork Activities 1-20 Written by Paula DeBattista and Illustrated by Linda Longmire.  I have searched all over to see if there is other curriculum by this author and I can't even find the book I am holding. I even tried typing in the ISBN number and nothing comes up. So if any of you know anything about this author or if there are other books like it. Please let me know. We love it!  In the beginning of this seatwork book were activities to complete with shapes. My little one would cut out the shape and glue it in the appropriate spaces. She had every shape in her seatwork book but the heart and star. I later found alternate worksheets to do online for those shapes. So she would have something to put in her shape pockets (more on the pockets coming) ...

The first thing I did was show my girl the shapes. I put all the shape cards in a pocket chart. You can download the shape and poems at Shape Poems.
The star and heart were missing so we used these  No Color Shape Poems for those two shapes. I just used a marker and colored them a little.

Each day she would go to the pocket chart and I would tell her what today's shape was. We would read the name of her shape and then try to make it on the Geo board. If we could not make it we I wouldn't bring out the board. On the reverse side of our board is the circle shape so we were able to do the circle even though we could not do the oval.

Sweet Pea enjoyed the Geo board so I may use this again when learning our ABC's .

I don't know if you have ever visited the website Kinder by Kim but if you have a child In this age range you might want to peek. Her ideas are creative and I really love that. So I purchased for $7. her Shapes in our World Pocket Pack. In her pocket pack you will get activities to go along with the Square, Circle, Triangle and Rectangle.

I love how the book goes together and the pages are made to so your child can put in all of the activities they have done with that shape. We included our shape poem cards and our seatwork worksheets. I choose to do the shape puppets with my child. Each shape puppet comes with a shape poem. These are different than the cards. They are catchy tunes the kids may already recognize. I printed out the shape for her and then cut out the poem shape. Then I traced it to construction paper and allowed her to cut out the shape on her own. She then drew smaller shapes for the eyes and added a smile to each one.

Another thing that came with the packet was a little mini book that relates the shape to the child's world. My girl loved these and  pretended to read them.

Below are all of our shape puppets. As I mentioned before all the shapes weren't included. So I made a few myself. I just inserted the shape I needed into a word document and then google searched because I am not as creative with poetry as all that and found a shape poem for each.  I inserted that into the shape on word. I found my poems at Preschool Education.

I am not sharing my creations because I don't think it would be to fair to Kim who was the original idea girl. It is such a great idea and my Sweet Pea loved it. She loved the songs on the back and we would practice them. She is still developing writing skills but is doing great with scissor cutting. I did cut the star for her.  Making books is so great at this age. We have our shape book in our book basket and often the shapes puppets come out and play.

Warm Blessings,



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