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Monday, September 29, 2014

It's Grammar Week !!! Learn Grammar with your Bible.


Yes, it is Grammar week @ Angels of Heart...

You know Grammar is not my favorite subject. Honestly it is a bit of a weakness but I do believe that it has it's place in a child's education. When I am writing I sometimes struggle to know how to structure complex sentences. I know sad right?? Especially from an online blogger and especially from a home educating Momma stand point. Insert huge frowning face now. One thing is for sure... I do know I don't want my kids to have to struggle with it. I also know that I am a thriving, learned individual so there is still hope for me. I can learn along with them! Novel idea.

I know that I have heard other moms out there  talking about Grammar. The thoughts aren't always positive. Our kids don't need to learn how to diagram sentences. What's the point they say. As long as they can write and get their message out there clearly. Well maybe.? or Maybe structure is pretty important too. I'm in a middle ground in my feelings about it but here we are anyway. Let's learn some Grammar shall we. Please open your Bibles to page...

What ??? Yes.. I said Bible. Why not the Bible.
It is full of words, simple and complex sentences. Many examples of writing fill the pages along with big lessons of life and love . Why not?

Before you open that bible for your Grammar lesson let's choose one at your child's reading level. I know you have to be careful of translation and so on but choosing a bible at their reading level gives them ownership. As they progress in reading you can choose another bible. My 3rd grader is using an Adventure Bible for Early readers KIV . You choose the one that is right for your child and get to studying grammar.

For lesson one I typed out these verse from Genesis. My son's job was to highlight the nouns in yellow and the verbs in blue. I didn't print it out but left it on the Pc for him to highlight. He enjoyed it but I think I might print them out and do them again so he has a hard copy of our work for his notebook. More on the Grammar notebook another day.  Did he miss some? Can you find them?

 Another sample lesson... We have been looking at different kinds of sentences. I took a few passages from our bible again and had him highlight the correct kind of sentences. There weren't any exclamatory in this particular one. We did another passage too and that one had more Commands from God. Realizing how important the commands are my son started highlighting them in his actual bible with a colored pencil. Won't it be neat for him when he gets older to see that he highlighted many passages that were commands from God or all the Imperative Sentences. Why shouldn't he have this documented and begin to know what God expects.

This one we looked for Quotations. For some reason on the computer it was hard to highlight that first quote. Next time I will print out the text. He enjoys highlighting on paper more.



This passage I am going to print out for sure.  I had to smile when I saw he had this already highlighted in his bible.  I thought for this passage we would look for Capital letters. We have the name of a place, the name of God and the beginning of each sentence. Always good to capitalize all names associated with our God. Great lesson in capitalization.

The bible is so full of words that you can use any parts of it for a grammar lesson. All the while you might get some good conversation in there too.
So don't just crack open those grammar workbooks... Open your bibles too.

Warm Blessings ,


More Grammar ideas to come this week.


  1. This is a great idea! Sure wish I would have thought of something like this when my girls were younger.


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