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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Grammar Notebook

And Grammar week continues... So glad you came back to read more about how we are handling Grammar in our school.  Yesterday I shared that we have been using our Bible's to Study Grammar.As the kids learn a new concept I introduce it to them in their workbooks and then we practice passages from our bibles. Once we have practiced the skill we place it in our Grammar notebooks.

Our notebooks can be used for many things but my main purpose for them is so that we have a reference as we work through Grammar. My kids will be able to go back later and look at what the terms mean. Lets face it at each grade level much of the material builds on itself and repeats.

I recently found the best Interactive Grammar Notebook on Teachers Pay Teachers. This notebook is for Grades 4-8th but I will show you below that I have used it for my son in grade 3. I do not get any promotional value on this product. I just really believe in it and love it. I purchased it myself for $13. but I see today it is on sale for $10.40. Lucky you!  If you go  to the Interactive Grammar Notebook on Teachers pay teachers you will be able to see the list of topics represented. 

Now there are times we are learning about something that is not in the above journal. At those times we write in our own pages or add lapbook templates to put in what we would like to add. Other times we put our bible passages in as examples of our work as well. This is your child's guide. It is their reference for future work. Allow them to show it in away that speaks to them. If using silly sentences is what they want to put down. Let them , as long as the sentence meets the criteria. At least they will remember what they are doing.

 I'd like to share some examples...

We choose to use composition notebooks because they seem to hold up better. I saved the first few pages for a table of contents.

This is my 8th graders notebook. We started out this year learning about complete sentences, simple sentences, complete predicate and simple predicate.
To the left is his material and to the right is a table of some sentences that we did a bit of practice on.

Here he did compound subject and Compound Verb. The notebook called it compound Predicate. It was the same thing so we just whited it out. You can change and make it work just right for you.

And more material on Sentences.

As silly as it might seem. My son would struggle with his grammar pages but after we would put them in our notebook he would seem to have it down. writing it down and sorting out his thoughts really helped him.

I decided to use it with my 3rd grader too. There were parts I didn't need for 8th grade. I just used it at a different level. Below is the types of sentences guide. Remember yesterday doing the same thing in our bibles. This was added on the next page.

This is another page he did. Now normally the material on the right is the part you are to write in. This page actually came from the guide but I felt that more writing and my 3rd grader didn't mix. So I printed out the guide and we pasted that in. He then did the practice sentence below that. We also included a few practices on the next page.

It really has become a nice tool for the kids. They can look to it for examples and it helps them remember what they did.

I hope you enjoyed todays activity. This is by no means the only Grammar notebook out there. Just type it in the search engine and perhaps you will find the help you need or maybe you will be inspired to create your own.

Warm Blessings,



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