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Monday, September 22, 2014

Color Review with My Preschooler

School is going strong for my little preschooler and she is just loving it. We don't spend long hours working like one might think. Instead I break it up into two sessions together. One in the morning the other in the afternoon. In the morning I gave her table work. Things she will be able to do with little instruction from me. A writing page, a cutting worksheet, or even some sort of hands on activity.
This is set up and designed to keep her busy while I am working one on one with her brother. She begs to start school at this time and this was my solution. In the afternoon I am free for quite a bit so I made that time just for her. This is when we do the messy fun games, which she loves by the way.

I thought we would start out slowly and give her something she already knows. Just so I could get a feel for how long she would sit and which things she is most attracted to. So we began with a review of the colors. What would be the best book for a color review well... Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See?  By Eric Carle of course.

This book Sweet Pea has learned by hear and so she was able to "Read " it by herself.  As annoying as it can be to read book over and over again it helps them with memory skills so don't stop doing it.

After Reading the story we used printable cards from 1plus1plus1equals1  to help us retell the story.

We also played the roll a dice Game. She loves these by the way. She wanted certain animals to win . It was so cute watching her and helping her play.

This is here cheering and being excited because the bear got another x.

Later that day I handed her our container of counting bears. I noticed one day that Twister matched our counting bear colors. I had her sort them out by color the first time around.

The second time around she sorted them out by size. I folded the twister so only three circles showed and then she sorted them inside the three small , medium, and large.

Another day we took on another sorting project with our links. We sorted them by color first and then linked them together to find out which color had the most and the least amount. Yeah Green Wins!!!

We had a fun time exploring our colors. It turned out to be a great way to start our year.

Warm Blessings,



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