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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Art - Shape Cut outs...

For some reason my art post didn't post this week and I just noticed it was missing.  So here it is...

This week we did some shape art. I had the kids paint on paper. Then they traced a shape onto their black paper with a white colored pencil. Both kids choose a circle. Once the paintings were dry they took those pieces of paper and cut various shapes gluing them into their circles.


We had been studying Rose windows in architecture and my thought was that they would looks similar to that. However they did not quite come out like I envisioned but no matter. The kids enjoyed the art and got practice cutting shapes. This went great with Sweet Pea's lessons. She has been learning all about shapes, how to draw them and how to cut them out of paper. Perfect match regardless.

This is Spirit's Art Age 8 

Sweet Pea's age 5. She has those Rectangles down.

Jennifer the Creator of the Virtual Refrigerator Blog Hop has created a pinterest board of our Art. So now you can go and see all of our past art projects. Yeah... Thank you Jennifer !

Check out some of the other Bloggers co-hosting this fun Hop each week.

Now It's your turn. If you have art to share you can blog about it and link up.

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