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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Virtual Refrigerator- Self Portrait's

Every year as per our tradition we make self portraits. It is a fun way to see how your children improve each year but doing the simple portrait can get tiring. So we changed it up a bit this year.

This year we used large black Poster Board. The children took Elmers Glue and drew their outlines.
Then we allowed it to dry for 24 hours.

(Sweet Pea age 5)

After they dried I let the kids  use my chalks to color in their art. This was a bit messy but fun. Sweet Pea above has a little red chalk on her nose. I had to put her in the tub after this project.

(Spirit age 8)

I decided to make one too because it just sounded fun. I tried showing them that using multiple colors in the skin tone helped to give it more color. I showed them that hair isn't really one color but many mixed together. Color works that way all around us.

(My art)

(Close up of Sweet Pea's Age 5)

Spirit age 8's close up.

Jennifer the Creator of the Virtual Refrigerator Blog Hop has created a pinterest board of our Art. So now you can go and see all of our past art projects. Yeah... Thank you Jennifer !

Check out some of the other Bloggers co-hosting this fun Hop each week.

Now It's your turn. If you have art to share you can blog about it and link up.

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  1. chalk is a popular medium the last couple weeks! What a great way to do self-portraits!


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