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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Vacation made me See... How much my son has grown (Teen Talk)


Vacation made me see... How much my son has grown. You get involved in the everyday and you don't always see the man he is going to be. Since we have been at the beach I have seen some things I really like. He has showed me the kind of father he is going to be, he has spoken words of morals and showed signs of protector of his family. When did this happen?

We sat with our feet in the sand and plopped ourselves right down in the cool material. The kids had glow lights on their arms and danced around under the stars waiting for the fireworks. Sweet pea laid her hand on me and we snuggle when they started. You could see the lights off the boats over the ocean. Those that wanted an ocean view went to the head of the beach. The kids delighted in the night. Soon the fireworks ended. From sand to boardwalk there is a big step. I wasn't sure I was going to make it back up. My son took my arm and said mom I got you. This 14 year old boy/man child says he got me. All this time I thought I had him. I stepped and went to hoist up. As I did I lost my balance and hovered backwards. I can tell you I would have gone down but he held me fast. I was surprised that he could hold me up and he was so encouraged that he could. His strength amazes me . Again When did this happen?

It doesn't end there... I watched as he held his brother both of his hands in his as a big wave roared in across the beaches. He held his brother and watched in protection.

Another day we went to shop for produce and the boys wanted to stay back in the room. I trusted him completely to watch his brother again this time in the room.  We came back to them quietly creating paper airplanes . He choose to entertain him instead of indulging in his own wants. I noticed son this did not pass my attention.

And yet another evening we got to walk on the boardwalk  without the other kids. We talked about girls and he quietly says to me . Mom I  don't like to talk about girls because our conversations should be private.  Somehow I have managed to raise this boy who respects the wants and needs of women. Who doesn't boast and brag but keeps it precious to his heart. I smiled inside so wide I could barely breathe. That conversation lead to some of the glances and stares we witnessed on the beach of the girls who didn't respect themselves enough to wear appropriate attire in the water. He mentions this because he noticed his little brother noticed them as well. He tells me he looks away because they don't know better. They weren't taught mom he says. I want to weep with joy that somehow I have managed to show him this respect. He speaks of wanting to talk about  this with his brother. He wants him to know that women should be respected and treated well. That even though these girls don't know better it is important to look away to realize their naivety and show them the respect they don't know yet that they deserve.

I just have to say I can't tell you how as a mother I worry about these things. I worry how I will raise a boy and do well. How will I impart what a man needs to learn? Oh yes, Oh yes, this child can be disorganized. I have to work so hard to get him to remember where his things are and to teach him to organize his belongings but maybe this organization I have worked so hard on over the years isn't quite as important as what he took. I have struggled and worried , Yet here he demonstrates just what I had hoped for in his life. Sure I still have hope this child will organize himself one day but for now... He has wonderful role models to emulate . Jesus has been and even more perfect example. Sometimes mothers fretting is worth it. I evaluated over and over and prayed over and over.

God has Him.

Warm Blessings,



  1. How beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes. The things we teach our children, that we think are important, aren't really the important ones. They are watching us and learning by our example. Thanks for sharing.


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