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Friday, August 8, 2014

Random 5

1. My daughters Senior pictures are done.  They were taken by my oldest daughter who does photography on the side as a part time way to make a little extra money. Now I have the difficult task of choosing photos to print.  Please tell me which one is your favorite. I have them through todays post. There were over 100 pictures to pick from which was pretty challenging.

2. This week is the boys 4H fair. On Saturday they will be showing their rabbits and entering in various contests. I hope they do well. It's our first year.

3. We will start school in about two weeks. I am excited and worried at the same time. I am working on my plans but I have so much to do until that day. I have been looking for something fun to do on the first day to get them excited. There is so much on the web we could choose from.

4. I have a new love for Raspberry iced tea. No change that Turkey Hill Raspberry Iced tea. The only problem is I am terrible on caffeine. It keeps me awake at night so I can only drink one cup when I do and early in the day. Little known fact. ha ha.

5. My house is organized for school this year. Usually that is half the battle. Having a clean home. I do want to clean out Sweet peas rooms a little she has outgrown some clothes and toys. Did I mention there is two weeks till school starts. I'm going to miss summer.

Don't forget to share with me which is your favorite Picture. I'd love some advice.

Warm Blessings,



  1. My favorite is under the pier. :)

  2. I like the last two best. Although I LOVE the idea of having the midway in the background too - unique setting for senior pics!!

  3. These are great! I love the one under the pier the best. :-)


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