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Friday, August 1, 2014

Random 5


I love doing Friday Randomness posts. They are so fun to share some random things about our week. The pictures for this week are from our beach trip from the beginning of July. I still didn't get to share them with you. These particular pictures are from our last night. The girls dressed up to go out to eat. I can't believe how grown up everyone looks. So on with my randomness...

1. Tuesday this week we finally got to go to the Free Summer movies that our local theatre offers. We went to see Hotel Transylvania. A really cute movie . Although I have to ask why vampires seem to always be homeschooled?

 2. Wednesday we spent with another homeschool family. We went and had lunch with them and swam in their pool. It is always fun to hang out with like minded friends...( even if we are all vampires... sshh)

3. The boys are gearing up to show their Rabbits at the 4H fair this year. If you saw our Virtual Art yesterday they are also working on entering their crafty bowling pins. I am sure we are going to have so much fun.

4.  I started a new Facebook group for The What we Believe Series. I was so excited when Co Author David Webb requested to join our group. It will be so great to have his feed back because I so love these books. What We Believe Facebook Group

5. Lately the weather here feels like fall instead of summer. Today it was in the low 70's and slight chill in the air. Our trees in the yard are starting to drop yellow leaves. This is not normal for our area for our trees to start already in July! Definitely different. I am hoping for some nice hot summer days anytime now...

And here they all are... I couldn't be more proud of them. They are my heart.

Warm Blessings,


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