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Monday, August 4, 2014

Nutrition Monday- Sea Salt Vs. Table Salt

This week has been pretty good. I have gotten back on my plan and feels good to have a week of sticking to it. I did get to read some of my Trim Healthy Mama book. It sure is a full rich text but does a bit of rambling. I still am working little by little through it. I am near the very beginning and read that Sea salt is healthier than regular table salt. However in doing some research I found that there wasn't to much difference in value according to the American heart association and the Mayo clinic. Frankly I never take the word of one person at face value.

However as I read over how sea salt and table salt are made it does seem to me that Sea salt has some value over Table salt in that it is not processed and does not have iodine in it. There are other minerals with in it as well. I do like that about sea salt. The best option with either choice is to limit your intake.
Many American foods and processed foods already have a ton of sodium in them. This is something I like to keep an eye on As my blood pressure is near high levels. I have also learned though through this book that that (high Blood pressure) isn't always salt but insulin. I wish I could explain it to you but I would say get the book because I don't think I can. ( ha ha)  I'm learning.

I also tried a new food this week.... Turkey bacon. I thought I'd hate it but I actually like it. Funny thing is most of the time I do like the healthy option.

Still working on my second goal but it will happen.

I am optimistic that I will
meet my goals this week just by my grocery stock. If I impulse buy then the week doesn't go as well. Right now I have a lot of healthy options in there.

Looking forward to another healthy week.

Warm blessings,



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