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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

L= Lapbooks How to get Started

Lapbooking can be an great enhancement to your school day. Some people use them across the curriculum and some just use them on occasion to add to their learning in a fun crafty manor. You can create a lapbook for any topic math, science, history, literature or bible. The ideas are endless.

What is Lapbooking?
Using a file folder you bend and fold it so that it opens up like doors. What the child does is creates mini books that they attach inside of the book. So they have a comprehensive glance at their entire study. Below is an example of our George Washington Carver Lapbook.

There are many great directions on youtube on how to create the file folder. Usually I create these in advance for my students.  There are a number of ways you can fold them and add parts to them to make them larger depending on your project. A good video that I have referred others to is Eric's Video from a Confession of a homeschooler...

I would encourage you to watch the video but to also click and visit Eric's Youtube channel. On top of creating the folders in advance. I also like to cut mini books in advance and put them in a ziplock baggie. I usually put the options of mini books in a lapbook so my children can see them and choose which one they think will look best in the lapbook. All of this work is done if you are creating a lapbook from your own study but you can also purchase/find free lapbook online that are prepared for you. So all you have to do is print out and cut out the pieces. Adding them to the lapbook as instructed. Pretty easy.

To simplify your search for all the lapbook ideas.
I would like to send you to my pinterest page.


This link has various mini books and examples of lapbooks that you might like to peruse to get an idea of how they are done. I personally like to use lapbooks in Science so I also have a special Lapbook Science Board that you can locate here.

Science Lapbook

Do a search look around online and see what you can create with lapbooking. There are so many ideas out there but the best ones come from your child's imagination. Include mini books, art, worksheets, charts and all that your imagination comes up with.

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