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Saturday, August 2, 2014

K= Know the Law

Welcome again to the ABC's of Homeschooling. This weeks letter is the letter K. K= Knowing the law.
With everything we do in our lives there is a level of protection we take for ourselves. We wear our seatbelts when we drive, we try to provide healthy foods for our families, and we scour curriculum resources to provide the best education we can for our children. All that is for not if we don't know the laws for our state.  Let me make this statement clear... You don't HAVE to be a homeschooler to learn about the education laws in your state. It is important that we advocate for our children's well being always. So no matter if you attend public school, a Christian school, private, cyber or you home educate please look into the law so that you know what your children are learning. Yes if you home educate you probably want to know it inside and out so you can defend your rights and freedoms to educate at home. Some states also have specific requirements. It is legal in all 50 states at this time to home educate. Some have no requirement and some have stricter expectations for home educators.

If you have just decided to school at home make sure you look into what the requirements are for your state. Don't just take the knowledge of other homeschoolers. The law changes often and a single word can change everything that you are required to do for that year. It is something you are going to have to continually keep your eyes on from year to year. A good place to look for this information is the
Homeschool Legal Defense.  It is a website dedicated in knowing the Your State Laws. 

Once you find  your state law then you need to look at your local laws for your particular town/boro/school district/county. Our particular district has all of the legal links and information on the local public school board website.

You will want to take a close look at the requirements such as Hours, Testing , record keeping, curriculum requirements, withdrawing from school requirements,
documentation, and  age of attendance. As mentioned above they may differ per state and per locality. Once you locate it then you need to try to understand what is the desired documentation etc...

Understanding it all can sometimes seem overwhelming. One thing you can do is contact a local homeschooling organization for help. Our particular state has a PA homeschoolers website with lots of information and resources. You might also want to contact a friend in the area that has gone through the process. Other homeschool moms are usually more then willing to share information with you. Our homeschool organization often offers workshops at various times of the year to help with those that are just beginning.

Compare all of these sources with the information you have gathered. Ultimately this is your family.
So please KNOW THE LAW.

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