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Friday, August 1, 2014

Hewitt Homeschooling - Chronicles of...State History Notebook (Review)

Hewitt Homeschooling Review

In PA it is my understanding that we have a state history requirement between the K-6th grade level.
This year Hewitt Homeschooling is going to fill that requirement for my 8 year old son with the Chronicles of ... State History Notebook-  $19.95

I found the story of Hewitt Homeschooling pretty interesting. It is a lasting business established in 1963-64. Hewitt was concerned about the trends of education and wanted something more for children. Ahh the visionaries of the homeschooling movement. We all want that don't we, we want more with our homeschools. Just like Hewitt I want to instill values and good character in my children. They encourage "Home School and not Schooling at home". The desire is for each child to have a personalized education. I like all of that.

My 8 year old son and I reviewed Chronicles of ... State History by Gladys Whitted. This book comes as a three ring binder with 100 notebooking pages . You can use it for any state not only PA. The binder cover looks like the one below. Although you could change and personalize it as the paper slips in a plastic pocket of sorts and can be removed. .  The pages are suggested for children Grades 3-8. Spirit will be starting 3rd grade this coming fall but I thought it would be nice to get a head start on our history requirement.
Hewitt Homeschooling Review

The notebook is set up so that when your child is though they will have a wonderful project. Everything you need is all right there for your use. You can work in order doing each page or skip around to the ones you want to complete first. The notebook begins with additional project ideas, such as making a brochure, Role play a state event, and collect and press plant life common to your state. Along with many other ideas. Below this you will find a list of resources that you can gather before you begin your study. Several of the resources are places that you can call or visit. If you live to far from these places you could check them out on the internet or write to them and ask questions. Who knows what you will get in return. There are pockets in the front and back of the notebook for storing these items. We added Clear pockets to the back . I pulled extras from my couponing book. This way we can display what we receive and see everything.

The pages in this notebook are not numbered so it is easy to add pages to it if you would like. You can also move things around and put them in any order that pleases your child.

Your book begins with locating Facts, Symbols and Emblems. My son isn't big into the arty stuff. He enjoys it now and again but for many of these items we searched on the internet and located the fact and then printed out the picture. We then cut and pasted it to our notebooks. You do have the option of drawing your own. Here are some  examples from this section You look for your state flower, state flag, and state tree just to name a few. Each has a place to draw and a place to write.

Next you will learn about the Geography and Population of your particular state. You will do a bit of mapping working on a state outline, on a relief map, natural resources map and state route map. Children will learn about the resources of the area as well.

Industries and Jobs is next. You will learn about the main industries for your state. For our county we are the snack capital. So we can tour potato chip factories and pretzel factories. We took places of interest and located them on a map.

Of course history wouldn't be history without learning about the History and Government.  You will learn about Indian tribes (our heritage) , Historical events, descriptions, news articles , religious history, create a timeline of events, Interview and elderly person of the past, learn about famous people of your state, and so much more. This section is a treasure trove of information.

Last but not least actually the favorite at our house is the Miscellaneous , Field Trips and Photographs.
You will keep track of well known places, events, current affairs (with newspapers and clippings), Copies of letters written, foods, Field trips to the capital city, nature site , museums and a photo album. All of these little keepsakes we can collect really make this project fun and we can dig into state history.

How we used the State Notebook...

We worked in the book about three times per week. It has been a relaxed activity. My son isn't a big artist so we did find pictures online for some of the items we were supposed to draw. I wasn't to happy about him searching around the web so I took the time to bookmark some of the PA historical websites of interest. We did send away for some brochures and things that haven't arrived just yet. I am hoping we will have some letters as well to place inside from some of the important people of PA. I had him write to some of our representatives and the conservation society.

We had hoped to go to Harrisburg our state capital and do a little field trip but just haven't gotten there just yet. It is only an hour or so away from us. We have been there a few times before but not as a tourist. When we do I will add those photos for sure so you can see what all he has done.

We did get to visit Gettysburg State park this year...
Gettysburg is an hour from our home and is where some of the important battles of the Civil War took place. My son is fascinated with this time period. Here is one of the photos from our trip.

We added photos from that trip into our notebook. There is a place for historical sites and places we visited. I think we will be working on this all year maybe beyond.

We like to visit the our state parks often. The kids love exploring. We included some of the nature items that we collected. I hope to go in the fall too so we can have some colored leaves in our collection. This is going to be a wonderful keepsake for my son to one day show his children.

As I mentioned above Beyond the pages of the notebook there is a list of other ideas in the front of the notebook. There is even the idea to submit something in our state fair. Now I don't think we will be completed by then to do anything for this years fair but we might just do something next September so we can share our history lesson with everyone. My boys are in 4H so they are well accustomed to entering things. There are many more ideas with in the pages. If you have state history to complete with your child. I would highly recommend this notebook.
Don't forget this book can be used for any state.

I have looked at other state history books and this one is very reasonable .You can connect with Hewitt Homeschooling on Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest , Google + ,or the Hewitt Blog

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