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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Goal Writing

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I am hoping to start school in almost 2 weeks but I'm a bit behind in my planning. Before I begin planning one of the things I like to do is write goals for our family. It helps me to align my values with my children's education. Aligning your values and goals sometimes seems like a difficult task. I thought You might enjoy seeing and reading how we find our start to the new school year.

Before I really start thinking about what we are going to accomplish for the year. I like to start out by writing what I want for my kids. I want a starting point on my stance and my teaching style. Something I can refer to when there are times of struggle.  I sort of ramble along and just write from the heart. Here goes...

I love my kids and I want them to know that. I don't want school to be long or boring or frustrating. I want this time with them to be enjoyable and fun. I need to have patience with them and take the time to model things explaining the steps as we go. I want them to be thinkers not just doers of what they see.  I want their core value to be loving Jesus. I need to make sure that I put his love in all that we do.

Now that I have my statements I highlight the words that stand out to me. I can break this down now to make it clearer (this was my rough draft)  and what I want to accomplish for myself as their teacher. This will be my new source when things get hard. I will look to this statement to remind me what the value is that we strive to meet.

I'm you mom and teacher lovingly guiding.
I will step back when needed and allow you to explore and learn. I will wait till you are ready for the experience and watch with hopeful eyes. I will model behavior and academic steps when needed. You will not see condensation on my face but only a loving heart. Jesus will be at the forefront of our door. He will be my example.  Always guiding and shining through in love. This experience is worth our time.

Now that I have my statement/ goal for educating them.  I can think along those lines of what I want for each child this year and how we will accomplish that. Before I begin to look at the how I have to decide on the what.

Sweet Pea (age 5 on Friday! ) - Will join our school this year with Preschool. She will have lots of hands on learning. Here are her goals in no particular order.

Self Control - wait turn to talk
Obedience - Learn to accept mommy's no's
Work on communication skills/expressing herself
Work on personal care
Work on Left to right progression
Learn to distinguish sounds, read and write letters
Practice listening to stories and sharing our own experiences about the topics.
Learn directional words
Explore books through play
Working toward playing structured games and following the rules.
Count to 20
Recognize numbers to 20
Learn shapes
Begin basic addition and subtraction skills
practice fine motor skills
Lots of exercise and movement
Work through reading her beginner bible

Spirit Age 8- Spirit will be in the 3rd grade this year. My expectations are higher for him.

Learn to take his time with tasks
Will continue with some reading aloud but will soon break off to reading silently to himself
Learn cursive this year
Practice addition and subtraction to become faster using timed math sheets
learn multiplication facts with X's tales the fun way
Begin to formally develop writing skills
work toward focusing on a task
Practice fine motor skills
Improve spelling skills
Learn about Bible through a biblical World view
Work on thinking things through and expressing the results of that thought
Work on doing small chores and complete those tasks

Superboy age 14- Superboy will be in 8th grade this year. Math is something he excels in so other than continuing that with Alg. 1 this year I have no specific goals for him. His goals lie in his writing.

Improve on spelling
Begin broadening writing skills ( I do have a writing plan ready)
Learn to express his thoughts about writings and great literature. Move his creativity to thoughts and put them down on paper.
Begin the habit of a sketchbook for his art portfolio
Begin saving various pieces of work from different multimedia. (we will touch on this this year and dig deeper next year my son has a desire for an art career)
Practice organizational skills (I have two tools to achieve this task as well)
Work on comprehension of reading material
(Plan to use Charlotte Mason techniques)

Princess age 17- Princess will graduate this year. Princess is rather self sufficient. This year she will complete requirements and should graduate. She will be taking calculus/ Trig course for math. A touch of both.

Double check requirements
Improve spelling
Learn to drive
Get a part time job
Work on volunteer opportunities with the SPCA
Look into the seeing eye dog program
Explore different career options with animals

Honestly I don't have to many goals for her she handles herself well at this point. Far from the girl who couldn't read in 2nd grade that I pulled from public school. What an amazing transition. I actually think our Senior year will be rather lax.

I hope you enjoyed my goal writing. I may come up with a few as we go. It is good to re- evaluate these goals on occasion so that you can assess where you are and need to go.

Warm Blessings,



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