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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Essential Skills Advantage- Review

Essential Skills Advantage Review

Essential Skills Advantage Is an online educational tool to help your child learn basic skills in reading and language arts for children in K-6th grade.  A Monthly Subscription is $9.99 per month . This is for their premium plan.  You can use this coupon code to receive 50% off the price of one month . (Coupon code TOS50)

If you would like to try to try it out for yourself you can try the free version at ESA Learning. As a free member you will be able to access all the levels the ESA has to offer. However there will be some features that will be missing and there will be ads within the program

What will you need :Internet access
Java script
Flash Player 10 or higher
And volume on your computer

For my review purposes I was given one year of Essential Skills Advantage for my families use.  ESA sent me easy directions to log in myself and my students. You need to log in your parent account. Then you will be able to choose which portion you would like to work with. In this particular instance I used the K lessons with my budding beginner reader.
My girl is still very beginner so there were some things we weren't able to do just yet but  I can see her being able to do the entire program by the end of the year. Once you click the age category that you need you will be prompted to log in your child. You child will have a different log in so that you can keep track of his or her progress.  As you can see below there are activity guides for grades K-3, Spelling for grades 1-3, Reading comprehension for grades 4-6, vocabulary builder for 4-6, Spell master games for 4-5, Grammar for grades 3-6 and Spelling stompers.

When you log in you can choose from four levels in the  Kindergarten level (which we used)  Picture study, Auditory, Visual and Basic. Your Kindergarten student will practice skills on...

color recognition
letters of the alphabet
counting from 1-10
Visual memory and discrimination
visual association
Auditory memory and discrimination
phonemic awareness
basic concept.

Below is a screen shot of the  picture study section. As you can see below each choice are 3 stars. The three stars indicate that my child completed those section. At the very bottom you can see she skipped the word search. She isn't quite ready for word work just yet.


Below  is one of the activities called picture memory. Children are given visual pictures and then have to locate their match. As they find their math a picture begins to be revealed underneath. There are many other games for your children to play such as hearing a word and locating between 3 objects which is the correct picture.

Another example, this one from the auditory section. Down on the right of the page is an ear. You child can click the ear to hear the word again. In this case she is to locate the apple. So she would simply click the picture of the apple.

The screens I am sharing with you are very basic because my child isn't quite on to reading just yet. The basic skills sections advances a bit with some word study. We did things like finding the biggest and smallest as well as other general concepts. You can learn more about each of Learning Modules at their website.

Our Thoughts
My little girl this year from her point of view is doing "big school" She has been so excited all week to have work like the other kids. (note we used ESA longer than a week but our school year just began this week)  Her attention span sometimes Is about 5 minutes. I try to keep her busy all day but that doesn't always happen. The other day I ran out of things for her to do and she was begging me to give her more. ESA has really come in handy in these cases. For the most part she is able to work through the screens on her own. I usually tell her which ones she will be able to click and do . I have also set her up and gotten chores done like washing dishes. It has been a great way for my K child to practice some basic skills. I also find it reassuring to know that she is learning something of value in the process. It isn't just twaddle. I like that my child's screen time is educational and without the unwanted ads that often interfere with other free options. Your never sure what is going to appear. With ESA I can be sure that it is a safe learning environment for my child.

My Girl Begs me to complete ESA . She loves it and that is half the battle when educating our kids. If they love something it is certainly a keeper.

If you would like to read more reviews click the crew graphic to see some of the other grade levels ESA offers in action.

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Warm Blessings,

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