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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Plan It ! Review

 I'm a planner type of girl. There is just to much going on in a day that I can't possibly go without things planned ahead. If I don't have my day planned it feels hectic. I like to have my meals planned, my to do list written out and most certainly when school is in for us I have to have their lessons planned. I'm NOT a fly by the seat of my pants type of girl.  I like to know what is next. I don't like surprises. Sure I can be flexible but if I have a plan and a back up I feel so much better . I can put it on paper and let it go. It relives the stress of things for me.

I'd like to tell you about a new Editable Planner created by Alecia at Learning to Walk. 

Plan It A Editable Weekly Homeschool Planner
At a very reasonable price of $5. and if you get it before July 31, 11:59 EST using the code REVIEW1
you can purchase it for $3.50!! THAT is a GREAT DEAL !

The planner came to me as an excel file. It is set up like the screen shot below. The tabs to the left are color coded. Math and English are represented. However you can click any of the tabs and fill in your headings such as Science, History , Art, Music, Read aloud time, Calendar or any other option that you might like to add. The planner represents a weeks worth of lessons Monday- Friday. You can change any of the dates to show the current calendar time period.  Going across the page you can place in the lessons for the matching color heading. There is a check off box available so that when your child completes the activity they can indicate that on their planner page.  All you have to do is click the space and you are able to fill in the assignment for that particular day.

Below is an example of how Alecia has used this planner with her family. I like that I can add in spaces and highlight things to make them stand out.
You are able to move things around to fit your specific needs. I like that I can type things in and make them fit. Often I have so much to write it doesn't all fit into the spaces. It was really easy to add a line or two to make it work for my particular need. Typically I make one for each of the kids and write in the lessons. This way will work some much easier as I can type it in and print. I think it will save time. I possibly even can email the kids their plans and have them use them visually on their laptops to save printer ink. This idea I like a lot. Anything to save.

A very basic planner but it has all the needs for any homeschool mom or student.

Warm Blessings,


I was given the Plan It Homeschooler planner in exchange for my honest review. I receive no other compensation for sharing my opinion other than the planner itself.


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