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Monday, July 7, 2014

Nutrition Monday

This week I’m at the beach.  I have needed this long awaited trip for some time. Everyone needs a time to rejuvenate their mind, body and soul.   I was in real need of this time. Lately I have felt so stressed and so unaccomplished. Just taking time to relax and ponder all we have done this year really puts life into perspective. Sometimes that stress can really mess up my new healthy me plan.

  I have found I can stick to my food plan rather easily here at the beach. I thought I would fail because of all the treats and fattening foods but I haven’t done to bad.  We brought most of our groceries in so I was able to still have my Joseph’s pita bread, salsa, salads and fruits. Eating out here is terrible expensive. We were able to find many produce stands so we have a wide variety of fruits and veggies. Sweet Pea is loving the strawberries. Everyone has their favorite fruits. Yes there are some things when I come to the beach that I’d like to enjoy and probably will have a little sampling here and there now and again .  A treat now and again won’t hurt as long as you only have a small amount and not everyday treats. So far I haven’t indulged at all. I really like the healthy foods so it’s not too tough of a issue.

Each week I have one cheat day meal. This really helps me stay on plan. One night I plan to get their famous roast beef sandwiches and that is going to be my cheat meal for the week. Planning ahead has really helped. We planned our meals before we came down and really has saved us on impulse spending. We can use our money for things we really want to do or buy.

Warm Blessings,



  1. I agree, meal planning ahead of time for vacation, certainly helps. We went to Hot Springs 2 years ago with our camper. We purchased groceries when we got there and did a lot of cooking. It saved us a ton of money on eating out, but also staying in a camper for the week, saved us $1,000. I hope you and your family have a fabulous time. :)


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