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Monday, July 28, 2014

Nutrition Monday My Diary- Begin again

Well here I am to tell you that last week was an in and  out week with my nutrition. I didn't do all I could have or should have done. I hate that I go in and out like that. I can be so on and then so off. I want to work harder and smarter so today I am back on it... cautiously. When this happens I start back with the basics... Drink lots of water, exercise and portion control. The exercise alone is enough to get me back on track. I find if I get up and get going I don't want to waste that hard work.

All the kids summer activities have wound down. So I can focus on school planning more. I am beginning to stress a bit with 4 kids to plan for and only 4 more weeks till we start . Well our planned start. I might have to move it back a week and just do some light work that week . We will see. Maybe I can accomplish  more than I think. This sort of stress causes me to not stay on plan. I know this but sometimes it happens. The Flourish book I just read ,I think will really help me with my stress because I will have things planned out. I really thought I had them planned out but not like that . It may just be the reason nothing is really being accomplished.  I have more work to do with that but I am encouraged by the ideas within. I have all these great ideas to do but they never seem to get off the ground. Just like wanting to read the Trim Healthy Mama book and starting with some of the drinks. I have yet to do that. I have to pencil it in and work smarter toward my goals. Yet I have to make those goals first. I seem to have no direction.

I know this organizing talk might not seem like its related to my nutrition goal but for me it has everything to do with it. Certain feelings cause me to quit/ give up for a time. It's emotional eating. I really want to get in control of that. Getting other areas of my life together I think that this too will fall into place.

Warm Blessings all... Have a good week,



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