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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Moving Beyond the Page - Review

I'm a creative Homeschool Mom. I admit it. I like to change curriculum and turn it into a crafty hands on exploration of minds and bodies. However this craftiness takes a bit of my time and sometimes it just is maxed out. So I look for things that provide a through education and is fun for my kids. Let me introduce to you... (Moving Beyond the Page)
Moving Beyond the Page Review

Moving Beyond the Page is the Complete Curriculum package. It is a Literature Based style of learning with creative and inspiring activities. As the webpages states... "It's how kids want to learn."

As part of my review I was provided...

Literature Arts Package- Charlotte's Web -Online $20.92  (novel is  included)


Science Package- The Rain Forest- $30.98 Which also includes The Shaman's Apprentice by Lynne Cherry, Mark J. Potkin and Welcome to the Green House by  Jane Yolen


Charlottes Web is for children Ages 7-9 years of age. It is to be used concurrently with Science and Social studies Unit 2 Water Cycle. However you can use it independently like I did with my 8 year old Son.
About the Book:

Who doesn't love the Tale of Charlottes Web. The story takes you to Zuckerman's farm where a pig named Wilber is about to become a part of the family meal. Wilber meets a intelligent spider named Charlotte who helps Wilber to become famous so that they will want to keep him.

The Online Guide

The guide provided is all online. You can access everything with your user name and password. You will find all you need there to complete the lesson. There are pages that you can print out for your child's use. The guide available for your viewing as to what to do next. It is set up by tasks and tells you exactly how many days something will take you.

Children will be asked to keep a journal as they read and work through the novel activities. I love this idea of having them write out the relationship that a child might have with the characters in the book. It's a great way for them to form relationships with the characters. For example in one instance my son was to write a little bit about his pet. Why it is good to have a pet? If he likes having one? etc...

After each reading section your child will have a chance to retell the story and answer questions learning character, plot and setting. They will be introduced to vocabulary and spelling words associated with the book. I had my son highlight the new words as he found them. The spelling guide provides you with a page number where you will first see the new word indicated. Highlighting them helped him to see when a new word was coming in the text. We celebrated when he remembered what the word meant and how to pronounce it.

We touched on various other topics like Spiders, Friendship, Farming and Fairs. At the bottom of each page are tabs that read Intro., Activities, and Conclusion for each section. There are 7 Sections.

Lesson 1- Getting Started (2 day activity)
Lesson 2- Charlotte
Lesson 3- Bad News
Lesson 4- Some Pig
Lesson 5- Progress
Lesson 6- The Fair (2 day activity)
Lesson 7- The end (2 day activity)
Final project (2 days)
(book review or advertisement)

The entire unit should take you 12 days give or take a few depending on your child.

Getting into the Story:

We dug deeper into the story by visiting a farm. This provided my son with real life experiences from a real to life farm. I thought he might feel like he was to young for a farm visit but he enjoyed showing his sister all he knew and he has a fondness for tractors.

The second Unit we did was a Science Unit on the Rainforest. Ever since the Rio movies my son has been interested in what goes on in a Rainforest.

This book is for children ages 7-9 years of age .

It is designed to be used concurrently with the literature unit for One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest or it can be used independently like I did with my son age 8. Spirit also was the same child that did the literature lessons. This time I received the offline version. I actually think I like that better. It is something about holding your books that I like better than the electronic . We received the guide with worksheets, The Shaman's Apprentice by Lynne Cherry, Mark J. Potkin and Welcome to the Green House by  Jane Yolen .

This one had 5 lessons to it but they were so rich that we could have worked on it a longer period of time. I'd like to revisit some of the activities later because we had so much fun with them.

Lesson 1: Welcome to the Rainforest (2 Days)

Lesson 2: Plants of the Rainforest (2 Days)
Lesson 3: Animals of the Rainforest (2 Days)
Lesson 4: People of the Rainforest (2 Days)
Lesson 5: Preserving the Rainforest (2 Days)            Final Project: Rainforest Brochure or Diorama

This gives you a projected time of 10 days plus what it takes you to complete the brochure or diorama.
However there was so many ideas listed that I could have done more .

We learned about different plants, animals and people of the rainforest.  One day we smelled various spices that can be found there and talked about any medicinal properties of these plants and spices.

This guide also shares with your child a wealth of vocabulary. I like to start with that so that the child can figure out what they need to know. We Brainstormed what my son already knew about the rainforest. Here is what he said...
It's Rainy.
Monkeys live there.
It is wet and the leaves are wet.
Animals might lick the wet leaves.

He found that he really doesn't know to much about the rainforest like he had thought. I love doing this. I have done this what you know type of activity with other studies. Sometimes my child surprised me and knows a lot and sometimes they surprise me the other way and know  little. Don't assume you know what your kids know. This is a good tip for any unit of study.

What I really loved about this unit is that we had learning across the board. As I mentioned we had vocabulary, literature with the two books provided, we learned the science, there was mapping and so much more to do. Even Art.

My thoughts:

Moving  Beyond the Page is a great way to integrate fun into your school day and keeps the planning to a minimum for us moms. There is a page of supplies as well so that you are prepared for the activities. Everything is thought out for you and by the day you complete it. This is great for a busy mom like myself.
I loved Moving Beyond the page and have some units on my wish list for the fall.

Science- Amazing Weather and LifeCycles

Literature- One day in the Tropical Rainforest

Social Studies- Early Explorers.

If you would like to learn more about these Units click the crew reviews below. Everyone reviewed various units so you will get a taste for others.

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Warm Blessings,


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