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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

J = Junket ( A Trip or a Journey)

One thing you can do for your kids on your educational journey is to go on a Junket defined as a trip or a journey. We have this amazing freedom in home education. A freedom to really immerse ourselves into the culture of pretty much anything we are studying and even things we are not just because they are interesting or we want to know about them. Perhaps even the kids are just squirrely of late and its time to get out of the house. (Hee hee)

You don't have to go on a long trip to experience something new. A lot of really neat trips are right in your local area. Below are a list of some of the places we have visited here in PA most were less than an hour to two hours drive from our house. Some even were a shorter trip. Perry Dell was 15 minutes away. We often shop there for our milk.

*Hershey's Chocolate World
*Hershey Zoo
*Lancaster Amish
*New Freedom steam engine ride
* Gettysburg Battle field
* Explore and More Children's museum
*Baltimore Aquarium
*Baltimore Science Center
*Gettysburg College neurology department
*Pretzel Factory
*Perry Dell Farms Dairy farm
* Alpaca Farm
* Sight and Sound Theater
*Washington DC
* Penn States Theatre
* Fruit Farm and Pumpkin patch
*York Fair
*Nixon Park Museum
*Codorus State Park Educational center
(We dissected Owl pellets)
*AutoHarp in the Park (not really a trip but a great opportunity in the park)

This is just a few I am sure I could name a few more with all of our 10 years of home educating. The thing about these trips is that you don't have to over think them. You don't need this exceptional plan you just simply go, enjoy and explore. If you are worried about spending money start local first.

*Many factories and restaurants will offer free tours. If not free then at least discounted if you can get a few other homeschool friends to come with you. Our area is known for snack foods. They offer tours on a regular basis. We also have a once a year factory tour day. Where a whole bunch of factories in the area offer tours and discounts.

*Another place to look for events is your local parks system. They offer great educational opportunities and are often overlooked but are loaded with value and fun. Doing a search on your local parks will help you become connected. Simply search your state and parks. The list of activities offered might surprise you. Our parks system has connected with our library system. You might want to try your local library for more information on anything new at your park.

* Newspaper- Another place to check is in your newspaper. We have a paper her called the Merchandiser. This newspaper shares area events each week. It's a great place to look for inexpensive trips for the kids.

*If you are still having trouble type in the search your state as if you were a tourist and request your states tour guide. This will offer you hours of ideas.

*Bigger trips out of state are an option as well if you have the financial means. It is nice to plan a big trip once in awhile and it can be a part of your family vacation.

*If you do travel make sure to pick up brochures on area activities. Even on our hour away trips I might find other activities at tourist attractions.

* If all else fails and you can't get out of the house . Check for virtual trips. I started a Pinterest board of Virtual Tours.

Before I leave you I wanted to share my sons trip to Frontier Town Western Theme Park. This has been a tradition for him when we head to the beach for the summer. It is near by and gives him a reprieve from the sun and salt water. It is a great educational activity to really immerse himself into the time period.  You start your day there at 10:00 and go through various activities by the hour.

One of my favorites is visiting the Native American show. These are actual Native Americans who dance for us. The speak about their dress and the meaning of the dances. They do many of these dances at competitions around the world. Very impressive.

My son gets to see and explore a tradition Teepee.

The Theme park has a mini town for the kids to check out and right in the middle of town a enacted bank robbery takes place. You will also find a post office, Chapel , livery,  leather shop, and much much more.

My son also got a chance to pan for gold. He finds that isn't not as easy as you might think it is.

He has the option to ride the stage coach...

Or go on a train ride. On this particular ride he is holding the box of gold under his seat. He is to keep it from robbers. So cute he was picked.

I think the robbers are on to him.


This experience with the wild west in this form will be remembered. When we get home and read the stories of the west and learn about it in his history book. He will have something from his life that he can relate it too. This is an experience that you can't get staying at home.

Warm Blessings,



  1. What a fun theme park!! Oregon should totally do one of these lol. You have some great ideas, and I think I might visit our Chamber of Commerce and play tourist. :)


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