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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

HomeSchoolPiano-Complete Set of Books - Review

My family loves the arts. We tend to lean toward creative arts and Music over all other things. Time and other constraints have kept us from participating in music lessons of any sort. I do have a limited knowledge of music. I played in the band when I was in school but it's been a long time. I don't always remember all of the things that I was taught. Its not like riding a bike for me it hasn't all come back.  My kids are always tinkering with various musical instruments and so we tried ...

Homeschool Piano Review

I was given a lifetime Subscription for up to 5 students from HomeSchoolPiano. This includes the complete HomeSchoolPiano - Complete Set of Books.

HomeSchoolPiano has two payment packages :

1. Success Package (One payment of $299)
Unlimited life-time access to HomeSchoolPiano along with all bonuses (downloads, jam tracks, sheet music) for up to 5 students.

2. Payment Plan (Payments of $99.97 per month for three months): Unlimited life-time access to HomeSchoolPiano along with all bonuses (downloads, jam tracks, sheet music) for up to 5 students.
HomesSchoolPiano is for all Ages. Everything you need to learn piano is online except of course the piano itself. Your child will become a piano player that can create music and read music.

Additional Supplies: Keyboard or Piano
Printer,  Printer paper and a laptop, computer,
tablet or mobile device.

Homeschool Piano Review

The LessonsEverything you need to practice is in the subscription of this online package. There are four books in the complete set. Your skill can be determined by the book and level from the descriptions.

Core Piano-   The first lesson is the basics. There are 33 lessons in the Core Piano section. You will be working on learning the terminology of your keyboard , Posture and beginning to know the names of various notes and finding your way around music. Included is a download pdf book that you will need while working on your lessons as well as jam tracks that you can play along with or listen too on their own. The pdf books need to be printed for easier use with the piano.

Below is a description of each of the books that are included once you have completed the Core piano. Each one of the books comes with a pdf to download and print while you work on your piano lesson and Jam tracks like above.

The lessons are taught by Willie Myette, a musician, clinician and graduate of Berklee College of Music. Willie via and onscreen video presents the Piano lessons up close and personal so that children will be able to follow along. You are able to clearly view Willies hand positions.  Each video is about 5-10 minutes so it is easy to do a few at one sitting. You can go at your own pace speeding up or slowing down as needed. You can also go back and redo a lesson if you need a refresher on something.

As the parent admin you can add up to 5 students giving each child their own individual log in. This log in will ensure that your child can work along at their pace and HomeSchoolPiano will track their progress and start them right where they left off each time they log back on to the lessons.

Homeschool Piano Review

HomeSchoolPiano uses the six step approach through out the program...
Homeschool Piano Review

Technique- You will learn to use the instrument properly and Build the right foundation. You will learn dexterity and speed.

Rhythm- Teaches the process of music through Rhythm one of the main components of music. HomeSchoolPiano uses a vocalization approach to teaching rhythm.

Ear Training- Listen and distinguish melody, harmony and rhythm. You will practice using your ears to hear and then be able to turn around and improve using what you learn.

Reading music- Sight reading taught in a step by step approach.

Song- Teaches with Songs. You will be playing right in the beginning.

Improvisation- Express your creativity and make your own music.

There is so much that you will be doing. It is a full music curriculum!!!
*Sing along with Others.




*Arrange Music

* Read Music

*Listening Skills

*Understand music in relation to History
Culture and the Arts



How we used it:My 14 year old tried HomesSchoolPiano. There was little or no help needed from me at his age level. He sat down with his laptop and keyboard. He would work along with Willie and through his workbook. We worked three times a week sometimes more. Although my son has some music background from past courses we decided it was best to start with the Core course first so that he was able to learn the correct vocabulary and to solidify what he already knows. We have worked in music a bit in the past on Rhythm and listening. There were a few things that were new to him but overall it was a review.

Before I knew it he was learning to play songs. You are started right off in book one lesson one with music you can play. This is very encouraging to a child. My son was able to soon create some of his own music. He even taught himself a few songs from grade school by playing by ear. It was rather impressive. The simile he had says it all.

The Curriculum itself is very clear and concise. There was no confusion on our part as to what we were to learn or do next. This step by step approach made it easier to follow along as opposed to a general guide.

Since HomeSchoolPiano my son has had the keyboard along for many rides in the car and even to the Pool!

What I thought:I often hesitate with teaching music online. It just doesn't seem possible and yet here we were playing music and creating our own.  Often my kids want to try things such as learning the piano that can cost us quite a bit of money and then they stop short and you have lost all of our money on something they don't want to do anymore. I like that HomeSchoolPiano lets us try Piano out. It gives us a taste for playing the piano and gave us change to our music course.  The online course gives us a chance to try our hand at music from the comfort of our home. It is a wonderful alternative for those that prefer to keep running to a minimum. It is also affordable compared to private lessons. I think it is a great way for homeschool families to implement music into their day. I do feel if you want to continue on to do more with your piano lesson after this point then you might want to consider a one on one teacher.

You can also connect with HomeSchoolPiano on
Facebook.  Willie Myette on Twitter and JazzEdge Team on Pinterest.



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  1. From all of us at Jazzedge, we thank you for your unbiased review. Hope you enjoy the lessons!


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