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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

HomeDiscipleship Much More than ABC's and 123's - Book Review

Over the summer months I like to look for books to read that will enrich our homeschool life. I just feel like moms should try to continue to improve on what they do. Always learning always moving. Yes I do take the time to read some of the fluff too but taking time to rejuvenate the mom heart is a really big plus. Let me just say the book that I just finished had no fluff.  I had the opportunity recently to Review ...

which is a $10.75 value. (paperback book) You can  Order on Amazon  (Kimberly was so gracious to send me a signed copy)

I know many mom's feel the burden of raising their children. I really hate to say burden because our children are nothing of the sort. Yet that is what this sounds like.  I often hear their cries and sighs. It's not all a bed of roses. We often feel weary and yet we want more for our kids. We want them to have a complete relationship with Jesus Christ.  For me this book came at the perfect time. I have been taking a look at our homeschool day and pondering if I am really putting God first in the lives of my children and in my life as well.

When I first got HomeDiscipleship I was rather skeptical. I thought it might just be another devotional style book of things I have already heard but it wasn't that at all. At first glance I noticed a  devotional style set up. Bible Verse, explanation, More bible verses sprinkled through and then application Questions. Kimberly really digs into the hard questions and had me thinking about the way I related to my children . What I want them to learn about God? and Even some examples of how to do that all using Gods word. And What does a typical day teaching your kids to not just know the Lord but to Love Him.  Let me just stop there for a minute and share with you what chapters are covered. This book is 118 pages in length.

Chapter 1- Biblical Mandate
Chapter 2- The Structure of the Home
Chapter 3- The Proper Perspective
Chapter 4- Higher Education
Chapter 5- The Fundamentals
Chapter 6- The Standards & Goals
7. Practicalities
8. The Individuality
9. Opposition
10. The Results
11. The Distinction
12. The Conclusion
and Favorite Resources.

( You can find a complete overview and descriptions on The HomesDiscipleship website)

Now you should know that I am a product of a public school system. As a adult raised in that system it is sometimes difficult to separate the two. Home from what you know type of thing. I teach bible in our home and I teach math in our home. Much of our academics don't cross with the exception maybe of History and Science. I had never really thought of it before in the way it was presented. Usually if you homeschool you don't want to separate being a mom and being a teacher. You want to be "A Teaching Parent" but what about a Sunday school teacher and a Parent and a Homeschool teacher. None of it should be separated. It's a full time job you know. What is our job as parents , to teach or impart wisdom. OR is our main goal to teach them to have a walk with God. That job alone should be our every day. I loved this quote from the book...

"There is earthly wisdom and heavenly wisdom. Which do you want your child to have?"

From the Bible Proverbs 2:6
"Heavenly Wisdom comes from God and Him alone."

In chapter three Kimberly makes us take a look at our priorities. We are to make a list of how we spend our time in a day and how can it reflect What God wants for our time.  Here is my list....

Playing with the kids
Taking kids to tennis and
(this is the short version my original is longer)

This is my everyday but what I found is that I can put God in my everyday by giving my heart to Him in all that I do. I can allow him to lead me and help me choose what things are good for our family and what things are not so good.

The big question for me was How do I do that? How do I show my kids that God is on my thoughts all day? How can I put Him in math class, art and music? Kimberly gives you many ideas to help with that if you are struggling with the idea. I found that once she shared her Heart I was able to easily find ways. God was waiting for me to look for them.

Another Good Thought...

"We teach our children to read so they can read their bible and to communicate so they can spread God's word."


It also touches on saying No to outside things that take our time away from our purpose and to be reassured that we do want our kids to be different.
(The big socialization issue with homeschoolers)

I can't really say enough good things about a book as this one. I hope to read it again and really pray and consider each topic. I really want God in our home. I want Him in our lives and in my kids lives. I don't want to one day wake up and have the should have could haves. I want to see God in his Glory right in front of me.

Additional ideas I took from the book:

After reading this book I had the idea to create a preschool math program using the bible. It will be forth coming.

I also realized the importance of Bible memory and will incorporate that more in our home. My older students in the fall will be doing some calligraphy art with the verses they learn.

A must Read Section:
Chapter 5 is a must Read on Being Attentive. The story is on Page 46-47. Not just your children being attentive but you as well.

Every Homeschool Family should have a Copy.

Warm Blessings,


I received this Product in exchange for my honest review and promotion. All opinions are my own and not other compensation was received. I am disclosing this information in accordance with the FTC Guidelines.



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