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Friday, June 13, 2014

Random 5

Welcome back to Random 5 where I like to share five random things about our lives. First one....

1. We are on summer break!! School is done for the summer. We will do limited spelling, Math practice and reading but mostly lots of play

2. Not sure if I mentioned it or not but we had our Blessing of the Bikes event at church. I did face painting for the kids but ended up doing more things like this for the teens... The roses were a big hit.

3. We are registered with our Libraries Summer reading club. This year the kick of was the Maryland Science Center. My 8 year old was chosen to help out with an experiment. This is him in the blue.

4. Lucky us we have our Pool passes again for this year. The kids are so happy and want to go everyday. Of course it has rained all week long. Hopefully next week we can get more days in. This one was taken last weekend.

My 8 year old spends most of his time in the sandbox. He usually gathers other kids and becomes the king of the sand.

My youngest in the kids pool .

5. Last of all we have been dog sitting. Well not really needed but my parents took the older kids to go over and help them on their farm. My little one can't help and when they are busy like that they can't watch her. So she had to stay home. She was upset so my mom told her she could dog sit. She read bible stories to Him and played. Oh boy did they play until this....

If you want to join up with Random 5 on Friday you can click the little birdhouse below and link with Miranda.

The Pebble Pond

Warm Blessings all have a Great



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