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Monday, June 30, 2014

Nutrition Monday- Diet Journal

If I thought things couldn't get more crazy here it did. It was a real test this week to see if I could stay on track with the chaos. My dad had health issues, our sand mound sprung a leak, the kids had their activities, and my daughters friend's brother was shot and killed. ( More on that on another post)  I was able to stay in my weight range but didn't lose any this week. Despite that  I am almost to my second goal. I made this goal smaller than the last which is 10lbs. I am down 5. I thought I needed a smaller challenge this time around, which seems to be working in keeping me focused. I have been extremely active but have not exercised last week intentionally. I need to get back into it but I think I'll wait till after our vacation to start the routine again. We leave on Saturday.

This morning I'm feeling a little overwhelmed so I should make a list of things I need to do. I will work on that shortly. I also woke up on Sunday and couldn't hear out of my ear so I plan to make a doctors appointment today. Hopefully they can see me rather quickly. It is really bothering me but since it is what it is my guess is they won't get to me until tomorrow. My kids have coughs too and if that keeps up I'll call wed to see if we can get some cough medicine otherwise they might make me nuts on the 4-5 hour drive.

The thing with my diet is that I have become relaxed about my eating. Not relaxed in that I'm cheating but relaxed in away that is becoming natural. I realize I sometimes will make mistakes but I have to live too. I'm just not obsessing over what to eat and when to eat it like I was at first, which is a good thing. It feels like it is finally becoming a new habit and new way of life. Over all that is a goal too not just to lose the weight but later to be able to maintain it.

Moving forward I have to keep my focus.

Warm Blessings,



  1. I went on Weight Watchers years ago and lost 25 lbs in a year. I deprived myself of a lot of things. Maintaining is very hard to do, no matter what kind of eating plan you have. When you stay away from all the sweets, bread, etc, you get to a point, where you finally realize that you may be living the rest of your life without eating these things and it can be very depressing. I quit doing WW and gained a little due to some of the things that I was depriving myself of. I have learned and am still learning, that I can have some of the bad stuff, but not a lot of it, and I can still stay in my desired weight range.


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