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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Heaven is for Real - Book Review

Heaven is for Real By Todd Burpo

A little boys astounding story of His Trip to Heaven and Back.  Todd Burpo tells the story of the amazing adventure of his 4 year old son. A child who's innocence leads his father to wonder Is Heaven Real? Todd is a pastor and yet he still begins to question. What is God trying to show him.

Todd's son Colton under goes an emergency appendectomy. That story alone is scary and horrifying for any parent. While Colton is under he undergoes an out of body experience. He witness his father in the chapel yelling at God because he feels like he is about to lose his son.
As time goes on little details about Colton's experience in heaven begin to be revealed. I loved that Todd Burpo takes you to scripture to show you his guess as to what Colton saw. This is one part of the book that can not be duplicated within the movie. I held my breath as Colton reveals his moment with Jesus and with his sister who had passed on. Very real and breath taking. This is a book you have to read for yourself . You will find yourself associating certain moments and images to your life.

Bonus from the movie edition:
Photos from the movie set

Updates from Colton and his Father

Question and Answers from the Actors and Crew

What did I think of the book:
I read the book first and then I went to see it at the movies. I found that I liked the book edition better. There were thoughts and feelings that can not be portrayed in a movie the way I can associate them with the book. I loved as I mentioned before that Pastor Todd took Colton's words and was able to locate them in scripture. This book was captivating.

I personally believe with all my heart that Heaven is for Real. There is now doubt in my mind and I found myself nodding my head when I read this book. Yes!
It is not so astounding that Jesus would reveal himself to a small child. As God tells us our hearts should be that of a child's full of innocence and love.

My father had an experience such as this as well and it only confirmed what I knew. There were events surrounding that day that really showed me that God was  for Real. If you have doubt at all you might want to read this book and really dig into scripture. Find out for yourself about God's amazing love story.

Warm Blessings,



  1. A real opener into what heaven is like through a child's eye.
    The Bible in real life word and picture.
    Love it, Heaven is for real!!!!
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