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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

G= Get Together - Learn from other Homeschoolers


I'm happy to be linking up again with Ben and me with an ABC Blog Hop. I chose to complete the ABC's of homeschooling. Below are the articles written so far incase you missed any of them.

And Today's topic G= Get Together- Learn from other Homeschoolers

I'm going to state the obvious... We educate at Home. Being home all the time we often question our abilities. That little bit of doubt likes to sneak in and take over our minds. Some of us even feel isolated and alone in this big thing called Educating our Children. Sure many of us do enjoy being home all the time (shock Me I love being home) and you may not even realize you are needing the support. Yet it is always a good idea to surround ourselves with like minded friends. It helps keep your sense of self on track and really reminds a person that this is a valuable project we have undertaken. Home educating isn't for the weak of heart. It is hard at times to be all to everyone. We need that down time. We need to find time to rejuvenate our soul with Jesus and with others with the same interests.

Philippians 2:2

"They make my joy complete by being like- minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind. "
Paul in this verse is talking about selfish ambitions. He stressed spiritual unity, Asking the Philippians to love one another and to be one in spirit and purpose. When we work together caring for the problems others as if they were our problems we demonstrate Christ's example by putting others first, and we can experience Unity. Although Paul is speaking about being a Christian here we can also apply this to our home education as well. When we complete Unity we become one mind. Together we can work through our goals and out of our selfish ambitions related to our homeschool. It is not about appearances it is about our child and the love that we emulate to them and for them through Christ.

How do you do that you say?? Where can I find others with a like mind? Others who home educate?

Start inward and work your way out. Think.. Do you know anyone that home educates? Is there someone in your family that maybe you have forgotten about?

1. Church- Another great place to look is your church family. Get to know those with kids your children's ages. Perhaps there are more there then you think. Unfortunately at our church it is only me and a close friend who home educate. So the pickings are small . However she has become a valuable friend to look too. It is so good to be able to bounce things off of her. If nothing else having that once close tie would be enough if all else failed.

2. Groups- Do a search to see if there are home educators in your local area. Here in PA we have A group called PAHomeschoolers with in that group you can locate groups in your Area. Do a search of your state. If you still can't find anything try asking at your local library. Many times these groups are run by other home educators and my require a small fee for membership. Others are open to all without a fee associated with that group.

3. Homeschool Legal Defense- You will also want to look at HSLD. You can find various Organizations by state and search for a group in your area or nearby.

4. Facebook or Yahoo groups-  If you still are struggling to find souls with the homeschool itch. Then try going to facebook or yahoo groups. Type in your area and homeschooling to see what you will get. Try surrounding areas as well with the word homeschooling. If you just type in homeschooling in the search you will also locate other homeschoolers that you can connect via internet or social media. Just always use caution when discussing your children online.  If you do find something local you might want to introduce yourself there and ask if anyone knows of local support or co-op groups that meet.

5. Start a Homeschool Blog- Seriously this might sound crazy but I have learned more from having my blog about homeschooling then maybe homeschoolers have learned from me. It has connected me in so many ways to the homeschool community and has provided that support I was looking for for this lone homeschooler who likes to stay at home.

In closing Get together. Get yourself out there. You will learn so much and you will be able to share what you have learned as well. When you look at schooling from k-12 and sometimes college too. It's a long rode. You might as well not ride it alone.

Warm Blessings,



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