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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Diet Update

To Date beginning again in January I have lost 36lbs. I am so excited about the progress so far. I am taking it slowly losing about 1lb per week. 

*I am eating healthy and when I don't eat well I am to the point where I don't feel good which makes it much easier to stick with the new way of eating. I would much rather feel well then feel icky all day. My biggest struggle is the weekend. I tend to grab things quickly or have family events that make sticking to the plan a bit harder. I am learning though to bring my own food and to prepare snacks ahead for easy exits when we are on the go. Our beach trip is coming up soon so I will have to plan for that as well.  I have found things go more smoothly if I plan meal ahead. If I don't and go with things then I tend to pick up what I shouldn't.

*Exercising was going well . I worked out everyday for a week straight but then VBS came around . I was so exhausted that I didn't work out every day. This week I have yet to get on the exercise bike. I have to get back to that. I had dropped VBS stuff all week in that room. So yesterday I cleaned it out and am ready to exercise again. NO EXCUSES...

Our pool days really help to get me moving. My little one doesn't allow me to sit still for long on the blanket. She wants to swim and swing on the swing set. These are all good things. However the pool snack bar can get us. Again having some plan or foods I can take along is helpful in keeping us eating well.

I'm not sure if anyone reads these and it's ok if you don't . I just decided to write once a week to help me along . It gives me a chance to reflect on areas that need work and make a plan as to what  I should do next.

Warm Blessings,



  1. I'm reading, girl! :) I'm so proud of you. You are doing great. I was doing the monthly ab exercises, but I forgot a few days and haven't done anything. I think I will start back up on July 1. I am walking daily, so I am getting some exercise. If I don't walk, I get cramps in my legs. :( I think you got exercise doing VBS. That is so exhausting no matter what part you play in it.
    Keep up the good work!


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