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Thursday, May 29, 2014

What We Believe- What on Earth Can I Do? Apologia - Review

Apologia Review

"With God's Power Working in us. God can do much , much more than anything we can ask or imagine. "

Ephesians 3:20, NCV


I have yet to come across anything at Apologia Educational Ministries that I was not completely ecstatic over. I don't think I could ever say enough wonderful things about their curriculum. Up for review today is Volume 4 of the What We Believe Bible Series by John Hay and David Webb. A study for children grades 1-6 but I was able to adapt it for younger and older grades.

What on Earth Can I Do?  (hardback)  $39.00

What on Earth Can I do? Coloring Book  $8.00

What Can I Do? Junior Notebooking Journal $24.00

What Can I Do? Notebooking Journal  $24.00

What on Earth Can I do? Hardback

This book is Volume four of the What We Believe Series a biblical worldview of stewardship. Beautifully written with very clear expectations and the artistry of the textbook is appealing to young and older students. This is one bible curriculum that can be used for the whole family. Nothing is comparable to being able to share God's word with my children at their level but on the same topics. Most of the lessons are presented in two-three week segments. Some might take a shorter or longer amount of time depending on the interest of the children. A particular lesson might look something like this...

The Big Idea- Introduction and Overview

What You Will Do- Learning Objectives

Short Story- Each lesson contains a short story that tells of a child about the age of your children. These children are from another country. Children can see the similarities and differences in the others lives. Helping to build compassion of other cultures.

Think about it- Comprehension Questions

Words you Need to Know- Vocabulary

Hide it in Your Heart- Bible Memory work

Integrated Learning-  Additional Articles

What Should I do?- Character Trait that child can begin to emulate.


Parable of Jesus-
Teaching story Jesus told through his ministry here on Earth.

Going Deeper-  More Discussion

House of Truth- The house of truth is something you would use and build across volumes 1, 2, and 3.
(Who is God? Who Am I? and Who is my Neighbor? ) A three dimensional model to create the concept of thinking about the lives within the Kingdom of Truth.

How we used this book:

I used the bible curriculum with my children ages 4,8 and 14. We used the suggested plan from the book but modified it slightly. The book suggests working 2 days per week for 3 weeks on a particular lesson. We worked 3 days for two weeks for each section. The little ones would sit around my older son as he read to them. They would often use the coloring pages while he read. This was great for my extra fidgety little guys.  Then we would work on a suggested activity, bible memory, or notebooking in their selected age leveled book. This worked extremely well and the kids often worked as a team to help each other with ideas for their notebooks.

What on Earth Can I do? Coloring Book

The coloring book was great for my four year old. It gave her something to do while my older son read stories out loud. The Jr. Notebook had some of the coloring pages in them as well. In addition to the story related coloring page there is also a bible verse page related to the bible memory for that lesson.

Jr. Notebook

The Jr. Notebook just brings everything to life for your child and allows them to hold a wonderful keepsake as well to look at later. My son age 8 used the Jr. notebook. He is a new 8 year old so this book was prefect level for him. This particular lesson represented above was our very first. Here my children began to learn that they are not the center of the world. All around them a bigger picture is unfolding. They begin to realize that God is in control and that they should rely on Him.

For this lesson we *colored and listened to a story
*Completed Fill in the blank questions with a words supplied. (great vocab)
*Completed a word search (shown above)
*Learned a new bible verse and put it to memory
*Made a collage of pictures from My sons life (see photo below)


Wrote notes about our reading
* Drew pictures related to our reading
* And used foldables from the back of the book to create a mini book about what we learned

In addition to this we did some of the Find out More activities...

*Read the book V is for Von Trapp: A Musical Family Alphabet by William Anderson

* Read Tapestry : Grandma Sews a Glimpse of Heaven by Bob Hartman

*We watched The sound of Music and the Prince of Egypt.

* We also sang O my soul by Audrey Addad
and Lead me to the Cross by Brooke Fraser

There were many more ideas on the Find out More. That secretly is one of my favorite parts. I love finding additional activities that relate to our study.



Notebooking Journal

The notebooking Journal is similar to the Jr. Journal except that it is written for the older child. My 14 year old who is in 7th grade didn't have an issue with using this book. I thought he would think it was younger than him but he did not. In the lesson represented here my children ask themselves if they will be found faithful? (lesson 3) They learn about the struggles of sticking up for your faith. They learn the joys and rewards of that strength. In this particular lesson my notebooker completed...

*notes from the reading
* Answered questions form the story Fire in the sky
*Vocabulary and definitions
*learned the bible memory verse
*completed a word search
* Did an interview with a nurse from our church
*Made a mini book form the story of Joseph
* Cut a baby spider plant and repotted it
(being a good steward)
*Did a crossword puzzle
*Answered discussion questions
* drew pictures

And we did some of the Find out More

*Pictured above we made a Joshua basket or in our case I found a decorative box for it to go in. You are to use stones to remember the wonderful things God has done for you. They can represent specific things in your life. We decided to use word rubbings form the craft store. You just peel and then rub the word with a popsicle stick to make it stick. We put these words on our rocks to remind us of all of the Joys in our lives. After doing the rubbings we later added specific dates and times to additional rocks. Some of the rocks above have dates on the back of them.  We are planning to keep this in our summer house. I have a clear vase that I am thinking about putting them instead of the box  so everyone can read them.

My thoughts

As I mentioned at the beginning of my review there isn't anything that I have ever reviewed from Apologia that I didn't like. Over time I hope to have a collection of their curriculum. It is very precious to me and to the kids.  I particularly liked  the big worldview of the book. In it is text the kids can relate to their lives. There are stories that kids can understand and history lessons that they may have already heard in their history books but never related to bible principles before. There are so many activities and resources that we could spend more than 2 weeks on any given lesson. Apologia always approaches lessons with the visual, auditory and tactile learners in mind. Young children will love the hands on approach. You don't just get a notebook you get a keepsake you can save for years to come. A book that one day their kids can look at and learn.
Would I purchase this book and the journals? Yes and Yes. I plan to purchase book 1 as soon as we are ready and go back to what we missed.

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Warm Blessings,

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