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Monday, May 5, 2014

The Missional Handbook- Review

I met Rosilind Jukic through an online bible study. She has been an encouragement to me through all avenues of her mission work. And this wonderful women has written an E-book Called...

 I was ecstatic to help her launch her new mission. The book is available right NOW!  Beginning today until May 8th you can receive a 40% discount that makes it only $2.99. A really exceptional deal.

About the Book:
The Missional Call Handbook walks you through Various mission field work. Often times we associate the term missions with work over seas. We envision straw huts and people who seem from the pages of a magazine in unreachable lands. Yet mission work can be more than that and it can be that. As long as the value of the work is for our Lord and Savior, as long as we put Him first then we are doing God's Mission. We can travel thousands of miles over the ocean in the name of God, we can talk with our neighbor about his faith, we can mentor others on social media , or we can mentor our families. We just need to dig deep and find that thing that God is calling us to do. Each type of mission work has it's own value, ask God today what it is He is calling you too.

Our minds become bogged down with the noise of television, radio, endless conferences, and social media. Rushing to and fro is tedious and constant. By the time we take precious moments to pray, we find it difficult to tune out the continual clamor and hear the voice of God. It behooves us to remove some of the distractions and din that drown out God’s voice. Perhaps we need to stow away laptops, shut off cell phones, and enjoy the silence, for it is in the  silent place that God will speak, and in that silence, His voice is clear and His call unmistakable."

Once God gives you that call it is your duty/ our duty to meet God's commission . There are many choices and Rosiland takes us through the options and gives us tips for working in missions. The most widely known missions being.

1. Lifetime missionary- Missionaries who serve for a lifetime.

2. Long term missionary- Missionaries who serve for one or more terms before returning to their home base.

3. Short term missionary- Missionaries who serve for a several months to a few weeks who offer aid to poverty-stricken areas, disaster zones, assisting in building churches or working to reach the lost.



(I have permission to use these photos. )
The photos above are from a short term mission trip through Reach that our youth group took. I did not go on this trip. I have always felt that my place with missions is right here where I am. The young girl in the picture is from our church and was willing to share her photos. They were working to help a women with her home by fixing up and painting her shed. They took nails out and knocked out a wall. The bottom photo on the right is the finished product. These types of missions have their place. The workers can work to help someone in need and they may be able to witness to these families as they work along side them.

All of the three missions I mentioned above are talked about more in the book. If you are interested in overseas missions then you will learn all about the ins and outs of  learning new languages and ways to adjust to the culture. Many tips and tricks from someone who is already out in the field sharing God's love through her work.

Rosilind shares with us her vision for other missions that might be of value to us and may be overlooked by many. These are things that can be done where we are today without traveling to the far reaches or they can be done by virtually. We have this technology and we should be using it. There may be things you can do where you live. Things you never even thought about.

Local Missions- There are many local missions you can get involved. Within our church I teach Sunday school and organize many events. There is always a need for helpers with in our own church families. Reaching out a little more are other ministries such as food pantries, shoe ministries and clothing drives. Once you start looking you will find they are everywhere.  

Mentoring Missionaries - This is a concept I have not heard of before. Rosilind suggests that we use technology to mentor those in the mission field about the knowledge we have. In my case it would be children's ministry. I could share my work with children to others all over the world using the world wide web right from my living room. There is more that Rosilind shares with us in her Ebook about Mentoring missionaries.

Virtual Missionaries- This one can go along with the one above, you can share God's word on a blog , or you can start an online bible study. (I have a blog and an online bible study)

Each one of these missionary opportunities is expounded upon in the E-book. Rosilind answers many of your frequently asked questions on a Q and A toward the end of the book. If you are one of the Called then you really will enjoy reading this book.
It will save you a lot of time and energy when you are out and about sharing Gods word. Rosilind will help you to  skip the mistakes and get to the mission.

About the Author:
Rosilind is originally from America and raised a pastors daughter.  She begin working in the mission field in Croatia and three years later married a Croatian man. They were blessed with to  adorable little boys. She graduated from Christ for the nation Institute where she majored in Practical Theology and minored in music. At this time she leads worship, provides counseling, works in children's ministry, youth ministry, women's ministry discipleship, leads bible studies, and home groups. 

Rosilind also blogs at A Little R & R and
has started a website called Missional Call that provides online resources for those working in the missions along with support.

My thoughts on the E-book:
I found the book refreshing with many ideas for working for the Lord. When people hear the word mission the first thought that comes to mind is the overseas version or the Reach project our youth group completed. Excuses are often made about why a person can't complete the work that Jesus calls us to do. I personally have always felt that my place was right here where I am. I have felt a strong pull to share God's love with my family and with the local children of our church. This has been my mission for several years now. Recently God has been calling me to do some more work online. The thought has come up to start a blog for children's ministry. I have had this come to me several times in the last year . As I read Rosilinds book God put that thought back in the forefront of my mind again. I really want to do something with the creativity and talent God has given me. I will continue to pray over this idea and see where God is leading me. I hope for this new call to come to fruitation soon. Thank you Rosilind for sharing your ideas with us and for helping to push me farther to my call.

Warm Blessings,


I was given for review the e-book version of The Missional Call handbook in exchange for my honest review. I did not receive any compensation other than the book itself. I am not required to give a good review only to provide my honest opinion.


  1. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging review and for making the launch of The Missional Call successful and fun!! It was so great to work with you!! You are a blessing to me.


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