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Friday, May 2, 2014

Random 5

1. Ggggrrrrr Call me the Brusher..... And the Comber !" (You have to add a little accent to the end of ER Hee hee ) By Princess ninja with a brush. Princess walked around singing this little song she made up. Not sure myself sometimes you just have to say... "Don't ask."

2. My house is organized and cleaned up already for this week. I have my grocery shopping done and the day isn't even done yet. For me this means lots of free time. I think I'll write something. My son says...
"You have time to yourself and you choose to write.
(Note sarcasm here.)

3. Last night my mom came by and decided she was going to take me to get some new shoes. I don't buy them often enough for myself. I found two pair and was pretty happy with them. Mom is always great about putting us all in footwear. Thanks Mom.

4. My oldest daughters Step Mother Passed away this week. Her funeral is Saturday. I will be attending with the encouragement of her father so that I may be a support to my child.

5. Sharing one more time my sons ARTistic Pursuits,
Construct Art. You can read the Review and see more of his art.

I hope you are having a good end to your week.

Warm Blessings,


The Pebble Pond


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