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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nutritional Monday- Weight Loss Journal

Yep I'm a day late. I have so much planning I need to do and it's taking away from my favorite thing which is blogging. It has also been making me feel extremely rushed. It's hard to work on putting yourself first when you are stressing about all the things on your to do list. I have a lot of church stuff coming up. In three weeks our church is hosting the blessing of the bikes. My job will be to provide a few children's activities. Next week is Mothers day and I need to work on a plan for our Sunday school class . Then the following week my summer schedule begins (for Sunday School ) and I don't know yet what I'm teaching for that yet. I am still working on a plan. Early June is our annual VBS and again I will be teaching the Preschool age. On top of all that school is coming to an end and we are working hard to get to where we want to be by the close of our year. Once all these things are over I will be able to relax a little more and can focus on enjoying my summer and planning for school next year. Times like this make it difficult to work on exercising like I would like to do. I am sticking to my food plan as best I can. Cooking on a budget can sometimes be difficult when you want to try all these new recipes. Today I tried this new concoction and it turned out amazingly. So I wanted to share it with you. It is a

Cauliflower Dish

What I did was take a head of Cauliflower and some  because I figured everyone in our house would want some. So it was a nice sized head and then a small one. I cut it into pieces and cooked it a little in water to make it soft. You could steam it too if you prefer.
You don't want to cook it to long or you cook the nutritional value right out of it.

While this was cooking I fried some bacon up and broke it into pieces. Since I had so much Cauliflower and so many eating it I did a whole package but if you are doing for a smaller family I'd go with 4-5 pieces. I sprayed a baking pan with olive oil. Then placed the cauliflower in a backing pan . I added two Tablespoons of real butter and stirred it up a little. I wouldn't add a lot of butter to it . If you are doing for a smaller family you might only add one Tablespoon and stir. Then I broke the bacon on top. If I had it to do over. I would either add the bacon after I baked it with cheese or not cook the bacon as hard. Despite that it tasted amazing.  

Then I sprinkled Mozzarella cheese on top of the dish and put it on broil for a minute or so. Now the bacon in the photo looks like it is burnt but it really wasn't It was amazingly good. Next time I think I'll add some red onions.

When I dished it out I added my favorite Cajun spice. I add it to a lot of my food for taste. It was a keeper. I'll probably tweak it a little the next time I try it.
Everyone in the house was all for making it again.
Maybe the next time the bacon won't look so dark but again even still it was yummy and healthy.

That was all I ate for Dinner .

If you try my recipe let me know how yours turns out. Dad asked me to make it again this weekend.

Getting closer to my goal day by day.

Warm Blessings,



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