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Monday, May 19, 2014

Nutritional Monday Diet Journal - Wonder Women or Olive Oil

Are you a Wonder Women or an Olive Oil?

When I was a little girl my brother was into the DC Comics. There was a TV show too I don't even remember it but I bet if I asked him he would know. I think it was called the Justice League. Don't boo me comic fans. (Grin) I was sort of at his mercy because if I wanted to spend time with him I was watching these shows too. I really wasn't a big comic fan or super hero fan but what could a little sister do.

Anyway if I had to watch it then I might as well relate to the only girl hero on there. So I would often pretend I was Wonder Women. To me Wonder women did it all. She was everything to everyone. She was powerful and had it all together. She was looked up to and had things in control. Wonder women got the job done. Sometimes she even beat out the icky boys. (cough)

Another show we would sometimes watch was Popeye. Now Olive Oil was a different sort of gal. She was always in trouble and always calling for help. She seemed weaker and less together. Sometimes though at the last minute she would surprise you in her weakened state and whip the guys into shape. She would find her strength in a time of affliction.

If your anything like me you can relate to either of these gals. I want to be Wonder women and conquer all of my fears all of my struggles and do it with strength and dignity but honestly most of the time I look a bit like Olive Oil. I don't always have it together and usually I whip something out and surprise everyone at the last minute. This diet I am doing this food change this lifestyle change. Ughh.

One day I feel empowered and the next day not so much. Its a roller coaster ride of emotions. Today I had so much energy. I cleaned the house, I schooled the children, I cut the grass , I exercised and I ate well. It was a Wonder Women day. Not everyday is like that some days I feel weak and want to give in then I power past it and knock it out like Olive Oil. If only everyday could be a Wonder Women day but it can't. So you celebrate today. You give yourself the pat on the back and you hope tomorrow is another strength day but if not... Don't give up because you can pull it out of no where and whip those boys... ummm  I mean your diet into shape.  Before you know it every day will be a Wonder Women day.

Warm Blessings,



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