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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nutrition Monday - Getting past the Stall

OK, OK, I admit it . It's not Monday. I didn't want the week to go past without doing my weekly diet journal. I have been doing pretty well with things. I am sticking to my eating plan and exercising when I can fit it in. Even if that exercise is traipsing all over a convention hall or pushing the lawn mower.  We have some rough hills at our house. You have to work for it even with the self propelled. My weight loss though has taken a stall . I have to keep reminding myself to stick to it. Not give up but keep going. It can be hard when the results just aren't coming but it will be so worth it when they do.

It has gotten warmer here now so I can get out and about. The kids and I are counting down the days until the Pool opens . There are 13 to be exact. We can  hardly wait got get going into summer. We are all ready. With that I will have to remember to take the time with my food plan and still enjoy relaxing along with working out this summer.

Just keep going I tell myself. You got this.

Warm Blessings,



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