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Monday, May 26, 2014

Exercise - Consistancy

How things are going

Wow the week is slipping away from me. I have had such a hard time getting myself reset with my diet plan but I am finally truly on track again. It's so easy to fall a way and then keep making excuses for why you aren't doing something. I had gained 4lbs with my little hiatus but thankfully when I jumped back on I lost the four rather quickly. I have set a new goal for myself for the upcoming beach trip. But first I have to reach my first goal and I'm still that one lb away. Not to far. Hoping to get past that and get to the next one I set for myself.

How do I plan to push to the next step?
Being stuck at the same weight really had me struggling and so I had to make a new plan. That gave me power over myself to get going again. I decided to make a commitment to exercise. I know I have to have consistency with it. Yesterday I mowed the grass and counted that as my exercise. We use a self propelled but our yard is all hill and the house sits on top. Very little is flat ground. So it can be a real workout. At times the self propelled was pulling me along. I still have the steepest part but had to rest yesterday. I was afraid I would fall if I didn't. Today its rainy and so I did some floor exercises. I have a goal for myself by the end of the month to be able to do more reps of each. Each day I will up that reps. Don't quite have a set goal with that. Just want to consistently add some to each week. I'll have to add that up and see where I should be by the end of June. Some I do one rep of each and some I can do two it just depends on the exercise.

Food changes
So far I am still eating clean but I did come across Trim Healthy Mama and am reading that book. I was able to try a few recipes at a THM meeting. They were amazing and healthy. Eating clean is good but I get tired of the same things so hoping to add some of these to my diet. As long as nothing is processed we will be good and on the same page. Reading it slowly . More to come I'm sure.

Well that is where I am this week. If you are on a weight loss journey I'd love to read your posts too . Perhaps we could encourage one another. It would be nice to have an accountability partner.

Warm Blessings,



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