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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Victus Study Skills System - Review

My son does NOT like to study. He is the most unorganized
guy I know however he is a creative type of person. I have tried
to organize him. I took one year and focused on just getting him
together. Something's worked and some we are still working on
today. I give him his morning plan each week on a clipboard and
he is to work through the plan. It takes him so long just to do one
assignment and to just even find his things. What is a mother to do?
Victus Study Skills Review

I was given for review by the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange
for my honest review Victus Study Skills System. I received the...

Teacher Edition- a $40.00 Value and
One Student Workbook- a $20.00 value
In exchange for my honest review of the product.

In addition to the products I am reviewing Victus also has available

A Student DYI Workbook - $25.00
Classroom Video- $30.00
Powerpoint- $25.00
Creating and implementing a strategic plan- $5.00

Victus Study skills was developed and written by the founder of
Tutorial Associations of America and Memphis Tutorial Association.
It uses the Susan Ison's approach to study skills for teaching and planning.
The course is set up on the basis of four philosophies.

1. The Zeal without knowledge is not good,
but zeal with knowledge bears fruit.

2. Results come from the process

3. Any system with all of it's components must have an aim,
or purpose

4.A unique and effective study skills has the greatest likelihood
of aiding in success.

All of these are truth. Without knowledge where will our kids be one
day? We often say to our kids it is time to study but if they don't
know how to study how can they do what we are asking of them? Often
it is assumed that they know how to take on the task when in reality they
need some guidance. Sometimes we as parents/teachers decide assign
an assignment or task for our students to complete over time but perhaps
they do not have the time management skills to meet the specifications of
our assignment. If any of this sounds familiar to you then you are like me.
I assumed my son knew these skills. Both of my daughters have been
natural organizers. They organize their clothes, their rooms, their
assignments and their time. Then along came my son who is at the
moment 14. As I mentioned in my opening I worked so hard to get him
to be an organized child. I have had to walk him through the steps of
what to do next and next and next. They do not come naturally to him.
His school area is a mess, his time management is horrible and his work
is falling because of this issue. It is something I have struggled with for
awhile with him. Who would have thought a homeschooler would have
such an issue with these types of things. We are on our own time after all.
However I do want my kids to be able to hold down a job one day. To
be able to understand what they are doing and manage their time well.
Before I get into how we did with the program though let me tell you
a little more about the product.

Victus can be used by all age children. There are recommendations
on the website for using the program for kids ages 4-7. Students ages
8-10 should be able to work through the Student Workbook with a
parent using the Teacher Edition. Older students may work at their
own pace with the Student DIY Workbook.

There are 10 lessons in the Study Skills workbook.
Introduction and Study Habits Checklist
Learning Strengths
Time Management
Organization and Study Environment
Note Taking
Test Taking

The Workbook will start your child out with a look at
Where I am Now, to Where do I want to be? and Ending
with How do I get there?  The workbook is set up with fill in the
blank worksheets that take you through various activities and models
to aid in learning the new skill. To begin we filled in a study skills habit
checklist. This aided my son in helping him to see some of the places that
he might need to work on to improve how he approaches his lessons. Some of
the questions did not really apply to homeschoolers but we tweaked them a little
as we discussed them. Then he filled out a Strengths chart that gave us a
peek at his learning style. Now in the past he has taken one of these type of
questionnaires before and ended up with a predominantly auditory learning
style. This time it came up with a higher visual. I am prone to think that
perhaps he is a bit auditory and visual so we will use both of those in aiding
him when working through his lessons. The next page gave us a look at
some of the tools he can use to help him as he studies. Such as..

Writing things down to put them to memory

Highlight and underline.

Color code to organize notes and possessions

Just to name a few. Very helpful information but now we have to
figure out how to apply that to his school work.

(Below is his strength worksheet)

Next we worked on Where he wants to be.

We worked on creating goals for him and making his own
mission statement to move forward in his education. We started
out by drawing his thoughts. This was right up my artists alley.
He made little sketches of his workload. He shows that 5 years ago
he felt weary with his work. Right now he drew being thoroughly
frustrated and I think he really is at this I am done place. He is ready
to make steps to change. Five years from now he will graduate high
school and that is him down in the box celebrating. 10 years from now
he is working at his computer designing animation and ads for local
businesses. That is his end result. I personally feel he already does so
much with animation. I will have to share some of his videos one day
here for all of my readers. 

Once we thought about where we want to be we began to set
goals for his work. Below is his Spring Goal sheet. He has a
goal for math to use his math notebook daily since he learns best by
writing things out. Since I feel he is visual as well we went with
working on the online tutor CTC Math for practice of his math skills.
I also love the idea of creating a sample test so that he can complete
 himself. His spelling needs a lot of work so we made a plan to
to work toward that goal . Since art is his future major we made
a plan to begin working on portfolio samples so that he has that
prepared when the time comes. You will also find fall goal sheets
and summer goal sheets.

The next section is How Do I get there? This is a really important area
for me. We begin our lessons with Time management. There is a worksheet
for kids to fill in their time for the week by the hour. A sample schedule is
provided for the month for managing assignments as well. We also had a
worksheet on setting up a better study environment. I would love to make
things nicer for my son. He hates working at the table with the other kids.
He finds them a distraction. The only problem with this is when I allow
him to his own devices he does nothing. So I would like to give him this
leeway maybe a little at a time until I feel he is ready.

Then it goes through the steps of working on study material. It is suggested
to preview your material. This I am sure he does not do and so many
other things. I don't want to give the entire curriculum away. It also
talks about how to be a good listener and how to take notes. Notes oh
the glory. I have been working on note taking with him for some time.
I know this will be needed one day. So I will ask him to read something
from one of our history books and then take some notes on it. I loved
this section. Truly a big help with getting him organized. Many other
skills as well that has started helping him organize himself.

My son is my son. He will always be more creative than focused
on organization , however Victus has given him some skills to work
toward his goals in life. I like that I can use them as reminders to not
forget this or this.. In helping him work through his days . As High
school approaches we have one more year to work on getting these
down before some of the harder topics move in.

Would I recommend Victus Study Skills? 
Yes, Absolutely yes. In fact for the fall I have plans to purchase
more workbooks for the rest of the kids in my house. I think
that these are skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.
I like things that work on preparing them for life. I have the
idea that for the first week of school this is what we will start
with working on our study skills and using this plan all year long.
It will be a good refresher for my son who is working toward being
more organized with his time and his lesson.

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