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Monday, April 7, 2014

The Cross for Preschoolers- The Twelve Men


Welcome to the 5 Days Review Crew Blog Hop.
I am so excited You are here!! 

Teaching the Cross to Preschoolers can be a challenge.
You might wonder what they really know and what they can handle.
Ultimately you will be their guide in their journey learning about Jesus.
If your children complete any of the activities that I share with you
the next five days. It is assumed that they have some background
already with Jesus. Perhaps you have taught them over Christmas
all about His Birth . If not then you might want to review that
information with them. You may even want to review it even
if they are familiar with the story. Reminding them that Jesus
grew up. He became a great Teacher and Leader. Now Easter can
be a tricky time for a preschooler, It is hard to understand. There
is a way to present this to them that they can  become familiar
with the stories relating to His life. What you want to do with things
like this with preschoolers is to share the things that they know. They
won't understand the in-depth feeling that comes along with Jesus
life ,death and resurrection but they can relate to pieces. As they
grow and learn the pieces will build upon themselves.

Before you begin you will want to prepare a few things ahead
of time. First gather your child's favorite children's bible. I like the
Read and Learn Scholastics Bible- Book Mark the chapter entitled
The Twelve Men.  You will also need 12 pieces of paper labeled
with the 12 disciples names and numbers 1-12 on the reverse side.
Their names are Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew,
Thomas, Matthew, James , Thaddaeus, Simon, and Judas Iscariot.
In addition you will want Poker Chips, Sharpie, 12 cups, egg
carton and your hot glue gun ( preferably low heat) .

*NOTE we do not play poker I bought the chips
at a yard sale for math manipulative. If you do not have these chips
you can use the caps from various lids around the house. Also please
supervise the glue gun carefully.


Begin your Activity time talking to your little one about their
friends. Let them know that friends can be a big help to them.
Their brothers and sisters can be their friends and so can other
children in their church family. You can talk about various ways
that friends can help one another. It might be a good idea to talk
about ways they help you as well. Let them know that Jesus had
some friends that helped Him too. They helped him teach about
God and they helped him in other ways . Read the story to
your child from their children's Bible.

Present your child the chips, marker and egg carton. Have little ones
draw the faces of Jesus friends on the chips. I had my daughter name
something from what we talked about above that friends do for each
other as she laid each one into the carton. I helped her draw a few of
the faces. It was a family project.

"Friends help you clean up your toys."

"Friends help you when you fall down."

"I help Mommy make Salad."


I told her that there are  12 Eggs in our Egg carton called
A dozen and that Jesus had 12 friends just like the 12 eggs in our
refrigerator. So to make sure we had all 12 friends we can put them
in our egg box and see if they are all there. I asked her to help me count
them so we could make sure we didn't miss anyone. Then I taught her
the names of the Disciples with this song...

All of our Smiling Helpers. 

We then took all of our helps out of the egg carton because they
won't be much help to Jesus sitting at home. I had Sweet Pea help
me count out 12 cups. Then this is where I used the hot glue gun and
put the chips to the cups. I handed them to her as I added the faces and
she counted them out. 

They became a fun tower of little people.

Once we counted again we placed number cards with the
cups and counted to make sure no one was missing. 

Then we flipped the cards over reviewing their names.
*Note not all the cups fit in the photo. 

I told her that these 12 would follow Jesus all over and
they would learn so much from Him. That most of them
were really good Helpers.

I hope you enjoyed our little lesson on The 12 Men. I can't wait to
share more of our lessons with you.

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Warm Blessings,



  1. These are good ideas, Nikki. I teach preschoolers at our church, and I look forward to reading the rest of the week.

  2. You have a very busy active life! My children are getting older and I don't seem to have the energy I did before : )

  3. This was a great idea. Thanks for sharing it. I loved all the ways you kept her counting. :)


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