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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Cross for Preschoolers- Jesus the Servant

Lesson 1- Twelve Men
Lesson 2- Miracles
Lesson 3- Rejoice

We are having such a great time with these lessons. When I created
them I made them so that they were quick fun and to the point. I
didn't want us to spend too long on a topic so that she would enjoy it,
remember it and want to do more. That is exactly what has been
happening. Princess asks me "Mommy when are we doing bible."
Such a good thing, family bible time.


Today we enter the story of Jesus the Servant. We learn in our
Scholastics Bible that Jesus friends gathered together and Jesus
washed their feet. He showed them that they are to serve the people.
Or in the words to my little one we are to take care of each other.

We talked about how the people in bible times wore sandals or
no shoes at all. Their feet would often get dirty. So Jesus showed us
that we  should care for each other. No one person should be to
important that they can't help or care for someone else.

I dressed Sweet Pea in some old clothing just in case we got to
messy. Then I sat a bench by our bathtub for easy clean up. I
had her sit on the bench and put a white paper at her feet.

I used Brown painted and painted her feet. Reminding her how
dirty the disciples feet may have been.

Once her feet were painted I had her walk on the paper.
Please hold your child's hand while they walk on the paper.
Having slippery paint on your feet could make you fall. So
hold on tight. Sweet Pea is not always a texture type of girl
and so she did not paint to long.

Clean up was easy. I had her stand on the paper and then
moved her bench into the tub. She stepped in and sat
on the bench. She thought this was rather funny.

Then I washed her feet just like Jesus did for his Disciples.

When we were done she decided to add some flower stickers and palm
stickers. I think I had these from an old Jungle pack.

We also Read the Story of the Lord's Supper.

Little ones will not understand the meaning of the cup and bread.
However I always feel that it is good to introduce it to them . The
importance of the ritual and begin sharing the meaning. In our church
I ask for communion for our nursery child. We sit in a circle and do
What I did with my daughter last night....

After the story I cut some bread and got her some juice. I told
here that this juice and bread is to remind us that Jesus Loves us
so much. We said a little prayer together and then ate or bread
and had our juice. We quietly sang Jesus loves me and then
Prayed for each of our family.

Thank you God for Mommy
Thank you God for Daddy
Thank you God for Her Brothers and Sister by name
Thank you God for ___

And Thank you God for YOU!!


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Warm Blessing,



  1. I'm really enjoying these posts. You've shared terrific ideas in this series.


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